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Back pain has become extremely common these days, especially in adults who have sedentary jobs and have to sit in front of the personal computer for most hours of the day. Moreover, poor body posture, sleeping in the wrong position, and lifting heavy weights, etc are some of the common reasons why people experience terrible back pain.

Sleep is crucial to charge our body; it is one of the best remedies that heal all your problems and helps you stay active all day long. Though, your good night sleep is directly connected with your mattress. If you are using the wrong mattress which is either the way to soft or very hard, so, it can cause back injury and affect the quality of your sleep. Also, it invites a number of health issues. Along with mattress, yoga is also vital factor. Thus, it is important to consider a number of yoga poses while exercising to offer comfort to your back and relieve pain. Don’t worry, take a look and pick any of the best options to give your back relieve from the chronic pain and to enjoy a healthy sleep.

What Does Yoga Do for Back Pain?

Yoga for back pain usually works on your back, hips and hamstrings and

it strengthens your back, hip and hamstrings too
Enhances flexibility
Alleviates stress and anxiety
Regulates blood circulation
Improves balance
Improves quality of life

Cat Pose

Cat pose is probably the easiest and one of the most relaxing yoga poses. After you come down on all fours, you have to keep your wrist and shoulders are in line and so are your knees and hips. Spread out your palms flat on the mat and relax. Exhale deeply and bend your back, tuck in your tummy. The cat pose strengthens your back, corrects your posture and relieves you of back pain.

Mountain Pose

Stand absolutely straight with your neck and spine in line and straight too. With legs shoulder width apart, rest your hands on the sides. Take a deep breath, inhale and lift your hands up to clasp them together. Also, lift your ankles upwards to feel the stretch in your calf muscles. Lift high enough to stand on your toes for 15 seconds. Exhale and get back to the starting position. This position stretches your back, works on your back, hips and your calf muscles.

Cobra Pose

Lie down on your tummy on the floor with the upper body stretched out like a cobra. With legs pointing out, lie with hands on either side of the chest and palms flat on the spread. Remember to keep hands and shoulders in line. Inhale deeply, and move your shoulder and head backwards as much as you can without putting pressure on the palms. Hold in this position for 7 to 10 seconds. Exhale, relax and come to the initial pose. This pose improves your posture, eases back pain, especially sciatica pain and strengthens the back muscles.

Child Pose

Child’s pose is my own favorite pose. It’s the most relaxing pose out of all the yoga poses. Sit on your knees and bring your torso forward. Bring your head forward to rest in front of you on the mat. Lower your tummy to touch the knees comfortably and extend your arms as much as you can, remaining in a comfortable position. Stay in the position, breathe and relax. You will the stretch in your back. This is easy to do and alleviates back pain drastically. It improves your posture, relieves stress and back pain, and the best thing about the pose is, you can do it even when you’re in bed!

Regular yoga keeps all sorts of muscle pain away, and improves your quality of life too. People who do yoga regularly are more content and satisfied with their lives. Many dance fitness studios offer yoga classes for children and adults. If you have back pain or want to have a happier life, then find a nearby place where they offer yoga.

Yoga is not exercise, it’s a lifestyle.

Yogi Sumit Sadhak Poses

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