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Some important tips before you start yoga practice. Regular yoga is a wonderful thing but, combined with busy schedules, you may find yourself over-tired from time to time, or may forget to hydrate properly before and after class. And the clue might be the fact the biscuit tin is suddenly irresistible. You can eat but slowly reduce the intake with overtime. The fresh and home cooked food is healthier and help you get more benefits from yoga.

If you find yourself over-eating on carbs, or craving sugar even when you’ve eaten a proper meal, take a few minutes to think about your day. Drink a glass or two of water. Then, if you can, take a break or go for a short stroll to refresh yourself.

Other times you feel yoga is tough. Give me a break… are you serious. We all have moments, days, or even weeks sometimes, when we think “I want to quit.” Yoga is too hard. Life is too busy. We have jobs, partners, kids, debts, commitments, houses, pets and our sanity to look after.

Sometimes yoga feels like one more line on a never-ending to do list. In those moments it can be tempting to quit. But yoga teaches us that quitting is not a solution. If we quit yoga when the going gets tough we are putting down the one tool that can help us hack through the jungle of stress and strife and come out smiling on the other side.

Let us quick check some of the better Yoga videos especially selected by healthise experts with submission from creators.

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