1. theshujakiller says:

    boneless chick !!

  2. bearshaman0 says:

    that makes my pelvis joints ache just watching

  3. dctangoar says:

    Ya se que soy una basura, pero veo a esta chica y no puedo dejar de pensar lo que sería capaz de hacer en la cama…

  4. deepeshpakhare says:

    She is doing Gymnastic n not yoga.
    You need to be patient while doing every move. The slower u do more benefits u get. And Yoga is all about stability. The founder Of yoga says. Sthira sukham asanam. Means the yogic pose has to be very steady as steady as a rock . One should do each asana for atleast 5 minutes. Move slowly slowly from one move to another.

  5. LifeForYoga says:

    Contortionists should make greatest yogis,but they do not.

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