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  1. VeiledHeathen says:

    The comments make these videos so funny to watch
    go psychetruth! lol

  2. monnie1988 says:

    well i guess alot of them like aids because black guys get the hottest chicks.

  3. I wet my self watching this vid because I knocked the water bottle over……..hahaha!!….Dam water bottle.

  4. @ All previous comments. This is why women feel suppressed and don’t really work out around men or even their partners. Clean up your minds or live without us.

  5. cameltryde says:

    cant see area behind camera but, looks very secluded behind you, perfect for yoga and meditation. is this your special place, or can one visit, pay, stay what….Tom,

  6. silentthriller says:

    I want to have a personal session with Sonja. oh, I mean Yoga class.

  7. jessicafischerqueen says:

    TITS OOT FOR THE LADS motherfucker

  8. jessicafischerqueen says:

    LOL @cameldung dude-

    You want to go where she is and assrape and kill her eh?

    Reported to INTERPOL you fucking stalker. Enjoy your IRL Banhammer motherfucker

  9. ONETRUEDUB says:

    so your admitting black guys have AIDS…
    Good going jemal, have some complimentary watermelon

  10. ONETRUEDUB says:

    hahaha silly woman, you’re not a valued member of society but you think you are, cute

  11. Magicalmike1 says:

    Sonja good Yoga, I wouldnt be able to do it but it is food for thought 🙂

  12. Magicalmike1 says:

    SerinaJK what can I say? Chill its only men and there badass humour 🙂 The way Nature made us rightly or wrongly.

  13. monnie1988 says:

    I think it’s Jamal*. And the word is complementary*. White girls love a guy who with impeccable grammar. And your silly aids talk is the reason your own women find you repulsive.

  14. okay i speak for all men … i see sex positions

  15. sloppymantis says:

    Also I’d be lying if I said that some biological and primal part of my brain finds sonja quite pleasant to view and listen to… b ut as long as I am aware of that then it wont control me 😀

    A fellow kung fu learner once said to me.. he keeps his exercise kung fu (like chigong) and his martial kung fu separate.. but I personally see no difference.. anyway have a great day!

  16. achalmers says:

    She is totally YUMMY!

  17. She is very attractive which doesn’t hurt the channel. Love the pants 😀

  18. AUTubeN22 says:

    why are all these yoga teachers called sonja?

  19. quirkiealone says:

    I enjoy all of Sonja’s videos and have had a great time using all these yoga techniques in my own routine. Thank you!

  20. ONETRUEDUB says:

    “White girls love a guy who with impeccable grammar.”
    who with? Nice grammar, DeShawn.

  21. FirebirdKnight says:

    I have to say she has a fantastic body great legs shame more women (and men for the ladies) don’t do yoga.

  22. Fuliginosus says:

    I like the pacing and the music. Most yoga videos are so slow and serious that they make me want to scream; not this one.

  23. gerry2345 says:

    I liked it,really good….