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  1. Jeracoo L says:

    1. What level are you on?
    2. How long do you take to warm up on ice?
    3. What do you do when warming up?
    4. Do you stretch before you skate? and how long do you stretch?
    5. What stretches do you do, and please explain. provide links to websites if possible:P
    Eg: I sit on the floor with my legs straight out and touching each other. Then, i bend my body to touch my toes 5 time. After that, I do about 10 leg swings on each leg, by swinging one leg as high as I can. Next, I do some splits, side and box splits. And finally, I put on my skates and start warming up on ice:)
    6. Do you stretch after skating? If so, for how long, and what do you do?
    7. Do you think everyone of all skating levels sshould stretch before they skate? (yes/no)

    Thank you:D

  2. CheesePea says:

    Thank you very much, Esther 🙂

  3. you can do it so easy because your flexibility makes it possible to start with. thanks for sharing.

  4. MsApplecious says:

    Thanks very much Esther – this is very helpful transitional move to practice! I guess it does eventually build arm and core strength – great!

    Best wishes x

  5. Good video, its a bit scary when you jump at 2:02 I’m afraid of falling over if I try that.

    The key is planting your hands firmly in the floor and balancing the body foward. Thanks Esther! 🙂

  6. sabinasavinlotlikar says:

    wow cool!!

  7. AnGeIWhiP says:

    i can do and front flip

  8. Azulblueone says:

    esther from the orphan! killer! lol jk
    thank you for the yoga !

  9. awesome tips. thanks, Esther!

  10. cucumberzr4chumpz says:

    ur awesome Esther, so flexible! i wish i had ur flexibility

  11. celticserb says:

    I love your accent Esther!

  12. thanks for the tip.ur channel is great

  13. BlueSwingDog says:

    Thanks, good vid, very informative.

  14. Wish I could give this more than five stars. Of Esther’s shorter vids this is one of the best. Simple and all I needed for this move.

  15. This move always reminds me of a horse kicking out the back of the stable.
    It seems silly but I am scared to do it and when I try. I get about 2 inches and then clumsily shuffle the rest of the way. you make good points. I never thought to lift the hips first – that is genius! and looking ahead with the eyes is also a good idea .

  16. you are right about it being scary to lift your hips, but i am going to keep trying.
    this video was super helpful!

  17. …………… I Really Shouldnt Be Here….

  18. Hi Ester “I hope I’m spelling that right” 🙂 Great video, how long have you been doing Yoga??

    P.S: You have beautiful eyes.

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  20. coursveroniquecours says:

    Thank you so much Heather. I have been doing yoga for some time but never did “the jump”. Too scared to try…
    I am at least now willing to try and keep trying after seeing this video.

  21. i realy like it u r great…

  22. krzifngrs says:

    how are you able to become so flexable, im 6’3 and am learning yoga, but im 40lbs over weight so i just became a raw vegan and am losing the weight slowly ,i really enjoy your videos, keep up the good work

  23. Great video!

    5 stars!