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  1. PolishPokeyPimp says:

    I’m looking for a good picture that would show what his outfit looks like. Or any tips on what to wear for playing this character. Anything would be much appreciated!

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  3. Steeveyoga says:

    Yes, really cool, I was there in March 2006, for the TTC. Your video brings back good memories. Thank you! Om.

  4. Thanks for the video. The morning Satsangs, the Yoga sessions at the Sivananda Hall, the tea in front of Kailash, the afternoon idyllic walks along the neyyer lake and the dam area, the austere veggie meals, the chants, the silent walks, I can go on and on. Nothing still replaces the few days where I’m at complete peace with my self spending time at this Ashram. OM Namashivaya and Guru Sivanada and Guru Vishnudevanada forever.

  5. ambarvalezka says:

    really coool videooo! positive vibrations! cheers from Cancun!

  6. simplayyoga says:

    Om namah sivaya
    I was at the Ashram in March 08, it was delightful to watch your video clip – certainly brought back memories of happy ashram life! it is such a scenic beautiful place I am sure I will return one day. I love the music you have used to accompany the video – could you let me know the name of the musician?
    Om Shanti

  7. ebajeeb37 says:

    beautiful video, planning my trip to india and want to stay at some ashrams. at 4:11 to 4:20 people are doing acroyoga!!! the partner flying stuff. . . do you know who????

  8. omshantivideos says:

    Hi brother!! the music in the video is from another ashram… they play this live in the ashram…ver bhaktiiii
    it’s called ISHA… not asha… ISHA!!

    om namah shivaya

  9. NonEvernoThing says:

    Thank you so much for this video, I enjoyed it a lot! Beautiful places, great spirit, great people. Love it! I felt as if I was there with the rest of you guys.

  10. automagicalx says:

    I’m in UK, and my wife is on a Teacher Training Course at Neyyar Dam right now. Beautiful video…very evocative. Altho it makes me cry a bit… 😉

  11. cowlick1971 says:

    Great video, Thanks for sharing 🙂 will head their myself soon 🙂

    Om shanti

  12. Nice one bro! I was there when you shot this. I can’t believe it been a year since we were there.

  13. india such a beautiful and peaceful country

  14. nairmanisha says:

    I was just at the Feb 2009 TTC and wow! I love your video. Its awesome. It’s captured the feel, spirit and soul of the place. I have barely got home and can still sense the feel of being there. Miss it so much and watching this video really took me back. Wonderful post. Thank you, thank you!

  15. CoolRaul28 says:

    Great video for those of us who haven’t been able to go yet. I can hardly wait.

  16. I have been trying to find this song everywhere.. I understand its part of isha’s music, but do you know what the title track is or the album name is? Please do let me know! I love listening to this after a tough yoga class!

  17. yviebooth says:

    Your video brough a tear to my eye and that doesn’t happen every day!
    is there any way of purchasing this music or do they have a myspace page?

  18. Journeyofbliss says:

    Hi there. I just left Neyyar Dam last week (March 09 TTC) and loved your video. Thank You!

  19. I was in Neyyar dam for two weeks in late April and look forward to going back again. My karma yoga was cleaning the dining area!
    I also did two weeks of Ashtanga in Mysore in mid-May but that was not in an ashsram and the whole set up was a lot more commercialised unlike Sivananda.

  20. sacredshakti says:

    This is incredibly beautiful.

  21. candidsnow says:

    il mio sogno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. taijihitman says:

    Oh the trains, I travelled by train from Kerela up to Haridwar and from Dehlie throuhg to calcutta via many places of course, trains are cool way to see India. has anyone been the the Sivanada ashram just outside Uttarkashi? Swami Premananda Saraswat is there he is AMAZING, a lovely kind Swami amongst Swamis. Jai Swami Sivanadaji

  23. livemoomin says:

    I would really like to go to India when I see this :O

  24. dorelalsingh says:

    What can I say Now , I am Just Speechless I was disparately looking for any video of Shivananda ashram Neyyar Dam and Its Only Video I saw I am just crying to see this video not because of My is There for TTC course at this time (Nov-dec 09) but I remember my ashram life that I spend in the Satyananda Ashram in Munger Bihar, this video is really too good thank you very much for sharing with us
    Good Luck
    Namo Narayan

  25. 0tubelight0 says:

    tears rolled down my cheeks.i cried like a baby I dont know why.?.i think i am missing lot of things in life..

  26. peacedance says:

    absolutely beautiful. thank you!