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  1. thank you it’s working again. I need this video each time i need to relax thank you 🙂

  2. RandomRecollection says:

    very informative

  3. BlackVirtue says:

    American showoff.
    What’s up with those stupid poses during talk in the begining. And breathing is carried out through NOSE. Both inhale and exhale.

  4. dudeman777us says:

    what does she mean by, “I maintain pleanty of self awareness”? Who’s not aware of themself? Shes just talking to sound smart or imporant or maybe she just wants to seem dramatic and fascinating.

  5. psychetruth says:

    One of the main focuses of almost all Eastern philosophies is the expansion of consciousness or becoming more aware.

    Unless you have had an experience of expanded consciousness, you might not even know that it’s possible but people meditate for 1000s of hours to obtain such experiences and in some cases people devote their lives to expanding consciousness.

  6. dudeman777us says:

    I have a life to live, i don’t want to spend it sitting in a cornnor with my legs crossed babbling some like ‘Ummm shaaka”

  7. Her voice sounds very good to me, and she might like Japanese or asian culture. The back of this vide’s is a furniture called ‘Shouji’ of Japanese one.

  8. tolonggiz says:

    She has a very sexy voice.. and she’s so damn hot too…

  9. petestrat07 says:

    Dudeman. Well do it while you learn to spell 🙂

  10. dudeman777us says:

    Yeah, I’m glad she reminded everyone to breath. haha

  11. mjgraham134 says:

    moins de parole, plus de action

  12. resinmage says:

    oh my god I would love to make love to her shes so fucking sexy and beautifull, imagine having missonary sex with her with her ankles behiond her head!! she would feel so good and warm and tight! i bet she can flex her vagina and milk your cock dry@

  13. pukimadiha says:

    very informative.she looks like a young Diane Lane and what a soothing voice.Thank you for the great yoga info.

  14. 20091cali says:

    i started a week ago and i feel so much better- Yoga!

  15. witchkingfire says:

    i been doing yoga for a few years and i cant axe kick wtf and i cant do the splits wtf

  16. possignup says:

    Her voice is so soothing.

    I think that the music is slightly loud compared to her soft voice. Is there any way you could upload a version without the music? I think just her voice would be perfect. 🙂

  17. @dudeman777us

    Yah, dint you know? There’s an epidemic of people suffocating during exercise, coz the instructor forgot to remind them to breathe. So they stopped breathing and died.


  18. millcityplanb says:

    dont trust a girl with green eyes

  19. Sariel2012 says:

    You’re sooooo beautiful. Twiss me up with u BB!!!

  20. Thatdudeathome says:

    Whoa, what a beauty. This is how you get subscribers!

  21. Wow she is beautiful.