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Knowing which Yoga poses to do is key when it comes to getting the most out of your practice. If you are a beginner just starting out, make sure you learn the right Yoga beginner poses. There are specific Yoga poses that are best for learning in the beginning, and if you put your attention towards understanding and attaining those poses correctly, you will build a solid foundation that will help you safely move forward towards more advanced poses.

Beginners should start with Yoga poses from 4 main categories: Standing Poses, Seated Poses, Inverted Poses, and Resting Poses.

Standing Poses are done while standing on one or both feet. They are the most important poses to learn for most beginners because they strengthen and align the legs while teaching all of the major movements of the body. It is while practicing standing poses that we begin to learn how to correctly move in forward bends, backward bends, twists, and even inversions.

Seated Poses are very rejuvenating to the legs, which is one of the reasons that we practice them after the standing poses, where the legs have to work vigorously. The seated poses open and strengthen the legs and hips while also increasing circulation. Sitting in various Yoga poses is curative to the ankles, knees, and hips.

The next category of Yoga beginner poses is Inversions, which means being upside down. These Yoga poses are very good for promoting overall health because of the powerful effect they have on the circulatory system. The first inversion beginners learn is very easy; you basically lay on your back with the legs up the wall. But over time that simple pose lays the foundation for more advanced inversions like the classic headstand, which requires skill and concentration.

Finally, you should always include a Relaxation Pose to complete your Yoga practice. Relaxation is an important subject in Yoga, because ultimately we want to learn how to be relaxing “inside” at the same time we are vigorously working in an active or difficult yoga pose. Not only does the final relaxation pose help us let go of tensions from the active yoga poses we’ve practiced, it also helps us actually learn how to relax deeply, which is something we enjoy in the moment and also learn to apply in everyday life. The classic Yoga relaxation pose is simply laying flat on your back on the floor, perhaps with a blanket under the head and a bolster under the knees. If the back is sore then placing the legs on a chair is even better than a bolster.

Newbies Yoga Poses

Seating Yoga Poses

seating yoga postures for beginners

seating yoga pose for beginners

seating yoga poses for beginners

Standing Yoga Poses

yoga postures for novice people

standing yoga postures for novice people

Inversion Yoga Pose

yoga postures for beginners

Relaxation Yoga Pose

relaxation yoga pose for beginners



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  1. Scott Bull says:

    I am using the Gaiam AM/PM yoga for beginners. I hope to get something that will make me burn more calories. Is there anywhere in Singapore i buy yoga dvds cheap?

  2. opheliadndon says:

    awesome !!! thank you so much sarah =) i was looking for this for many years !!! thx again =)

  3. Merricat42 says:

    Ah, just what I needed to re-start my practice. Thank you VERY much! 😀

  4. Really great sessions (all of them), really professional and helpful and it’s producing such peacfullness. Thank You So Much.

  5. I think I may be able to do this now that I have watched this gentle nice way of doing yoga. Thanks for the hope you have given me.

  6. pmsalways says:

    I love it. Thank You

  7. distressed7 says:

    This is the best teacher I have ever seen in years. What grace.


    Wow…does she have a podcast?

  9. yogafan6500 says:

    I wish i was in her class. she’s so great

  10. lilypad112233 says:

    me too! i can do yoga now!

  11. radabminj says:

    i love sarah so much. she’s a wonderful teacher.

  12. akoitosan says:

    thank you so much you don´t know how much help you give us

  13. pinayruby09 says:

    Ahh, right after each session I feel so relaxed and peaceful. I take 1 session a day now and I’m in better shape than ever. Thank-you!

  14. Teknocide says:

    Thank you! 🙂


  15. osodelicious25 says:

    Best beginner video ever! I have been doing this for 4 days now and feel a significant diffrence already. Thank you

  16. mayoush87 says:

    thank you this is so great

  17. ozalozalozal says:

    Thanj youuuum this is the best yoga video on utube for a new beginner

  18. comicfairy says:

    Excellent verbiage, but the drawback with this video is that you don’t SEE the exercises. All we see is the instructor talking! Occasionally,the camera will pan out to show the two students, but otherwise we just have to guess that we’re doing things correctly as we watch/listen to the seated instructor.

  19. Very nice, congratulations. I like the way you speak – like normal people doing yoga – not like some yoga instructors who speaks with you like you were a retard.

  20. celharmony says:

    Hey! The dog posture gave me a headache after the fifth time of doing it…I think because of the blood pressure but is it normal?? I still have a little headache after the session…Can you tell me if it’s normal? Thank you very much!

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