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  1. Jack Bauer says:

    Is there any one specific exercise that either works more effectively or that targets a larger area of muscles than other exercises for strengthening the core/abs?
    I’m looking for something that involves just using your own body weight.

  2. pacman211 says:

    agreed, Yogatic is a very pretty lady!

  3. superlightstar says:

    Woohooo!! xD Go Holland 😀 Hihihi

  4. maxell769 says:

    i just like her voice it’s so relaxing to lesson to 🙂

  5. mllecoquelicot says:

    Hello Esther,
    A question about this exercise: I noticed that when I pulled up on the point below my bellybutton to contract that muscle, I automatically contracted in my inner thighs too. I’m able to keep my back connected without arching or pressing down. Should the contraction be totally isolated?

  6. what is the name of this muscle. would I see it on a anatomical chart?

  7. bongolicious says:

    Careful, Esther… these stalkers are onto you…

  8. Hi, That muscle is called the transverse abdominal muscle, also called the TA.

  9. Try isolate it as much as possible, but this sounds already like a good start… Keep at it, you’ll be able to isolate it soon!

  10. Hello Esther,
    Thanks for all your wonderful videos!:)

    I have some questions about this exercise, after I placed my thumbs on my hip bone and my hands on the lower belly and start pressing downward and up, either the area between my thumb and index finger or my shoulders became so sour and tired that I just cannot go on after 1 min.

    Am I pressing in a wrong way? 🙁
    Should the elbows be placed on the map during the exercise?

    It seems to take a strong power to reach the muscle!

    Thanks!:) xoxo

  11. That’s a great techhnique! Can you get the same result by putting a heavy object on your TA.? Like a bowling ball for instance?

  12. Once I have mastered this, is it okay to begin adding movement like one legged leg slides where in the position you are currently in, I would slide one leg at at time down at straight like using my toe?

  13. You’r pressing down too hard, thats not necessary! Just have the fingers there pressing down very gentle you can feel the muscle pressing back into your fingers when you pull the point in and up in your lower abs. focus on keeping the upper body loose, it can be difficult because you are isolating the muscles, give it time..

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