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  1. MicheVonWitch says:

    i was trying to do that back hand grab and something popped in my shoulder
    and my arm just fell!!

    like spaggetti!
    so my brother came in and shoved my arm back in place
    then like 10 seconds later i hear you say

    “be careful not to disslocate your shoulders”
    i feel dumb :]
    thanx anyways my shoulders do feel much less tense

  2. These are great !!! works great for people like me who sit all day . Great for neck and upper back . Thanks for posting .I work while sitting on table whole day, so these will be of great help.

  3. jayjayleelee says:

    Esther, you dont know how much these neck and exercises mean to me!! ive had stiff neck and shoulders as long as i remember and after watching these two videos it has made a huge impact on my life, i immediately felt the stress relief after the first video and i cant wait to do more! thankyou soooo much,

  4. sickpoorhomeless says:

    Esther, thank you! Great. The tips work soon. My shoulder gets relaxed. Plus, you are beautiful…

  5. BambiLena666 says:

    thank you so much for this but i would like to ask u about something, when i do the cow face, when my right arm is going down i cant reach my other hand and the part under she shoulder hurts, but on my other side i do it just fine, do u think theres something wrong with my shoulder? thank you again

  6. all4mePope says:

    thanks for posting…I will do this everyday!!!

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  8. fillosofert says:

    If you do these excercises every morning, you will become very popular at school.

  9. kirbatermes says:

    Thanks Esther! I love your videos, I love Yoga …

  10. mspurplesuri says:

    these neck & should yoga help to relieve some tension on my problem area, thanks Esther.

  11. sxedrummerchick2190 says:

    That last one feels AMAZING!

  12. My back popped on that last one. That felt great!

  13. Many thanks for the video!

  14. ashleylin says:


    thanks. I feel better!!!!

  15. thanks esther!

    thats really helped my problem neck and shoulder

    and you are beautiful

  16. titoferni29 says:

    Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones Esther!:D I got 10 cracks out from this exercise Thanks:)!

  17. musicalfriends says:

    Thanks Esther! These poses helped the tight pain I feel in my shoulderblades every morning.

  18. sunnyrosa says:

    I’m sitting at work right now in pain and i’m glad i found your advice! Thank you.

  19. Garbobabe says:

    Oh how I love you for posting this! Gloria in excelsis Deo!

  20. this help a lot to release stiffness around shoulders; nice pink shirt