26 Responses to YOGA FOR RUNNERS !

  1. Sophia C says:

    I’m new to the world of menstrual cups and would like to purchase one. I was set and ready to go with the fleur cup until I did a little more reading and noticed that meluna has a cup with a specific rigidity or firmness designed specifically for sports. I’m a runner which is obviously a high impact sport and I was wondering whether the cup is likely to slip down and if I should try to purchase a firmer cup. Would the yuuki cup be good because it seems firmer? Any suggestions are very helpful. Thanks

    *I am 15 and have not had sex or a child and do yoga three times a week and am a runner on track and cross country and a swimmer on a swimteam in the summer if this affects anything

  2. Pitchi08 says:


  3. dopeisnik says:

    you realy rule.

  4. newworldview99 says:

    thank you, this was great!!

  5. akayshadance says:

    Thank you very much – very helpful! x

  6. DDfBadd says:

    aw,you seem sweet hun!soft voice.

  7. Playgirl2day says:

    your so helpful thankyou 🙂

  8. girlkilbytc6 says:

    nice hair and thanks for teaching me

  9. kekhart says:

    Hi Esther,
    I have a friend who is in her twelfth week of pregnancy. She doesn’t have any yoga-experience, but would be interested in doing som exercise fitting her condition at this moment. Can you make a sequence specially for her? Her name is Wendy.

  10. nanisbontempo says:


  11. BeautyEmvy says:

    i tried this sequence last night, before and after my run. i loved it! it made my run so much easier, and much more energized! it was almost like i couldn’t run fast enough. thanks so much for posting this 🙂

  12. ssnabbysmom says:

    This made my legs feel good now I’m gonna go see if any one wants to go for a run!

  13. zeffmaximus says:

    thanks for teaching me!

  14. lappeal says:

    Did this after my run and my hamstrings are so much looser. I love it!

  15. Lyndehouse says:

    Yoga will make you faster if properly done. It is one of the secrets of major PR’s.

  16. MissyPurr34 says:

    Really? How many minutes is it estimated to take off my miles?

  17. Lyndehouse says:

    It depends on your current flexibility level. If you are tight moderate yoga (downward dog, forward bends, child’s pose, proud warrior, etc.) will increase your stride length and help your big leg muscles to repair. A DVD I’d recommend is Rodney Yee’s video for athletes, which includes a specific set of Yoga poses for runners that are 8 minutes long and can be done following your run.

    I am a coach. The average improvement is at least 8-10 seconds for an inflexible person.

  18. blacksjg says:

    Me gusta

  19. Biogirl52 says:

    Both yoga and pilates with some proper strength training have greatly improved my mile time

  20. pipper2187 says:

    ahhhhh i feel instantly looser and calmer. i like her style.

  21. FlashyWhippet says:

    Yoga provides excellent injury prevention training – an unknown secret

  22. BrownBerry75 says:

    Excellent video – I like her teaching style

  23. bneff1022 says:

    Just got back from a run and this was just what I needed! Your videos are fantastic….love it=)

  24. greenspreedotca says:

    Are you in a strawbale building?

  25. yogatic says:

    cobh building

  26. greenspreedotca says:

    🙂 My wife and I just finished our straw bale building this past autumn.

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