1. I need to do some remodeling and am cutting out some old plaster walls that have the reinforcing wire. I need a hand or power tool that will cut this. The cuts need to be clean since I am saving a few of the plaster tray ceilings.

  2. What is the maximum number of pieces you could cut a pizza into with 5 straight cuts? You do not have to cut through the centre of the pizza.

    Hint – make one cut, then two and so on and use inductive reasoning to make a conjecture.

  3. peepeevagi says:

    Good ol Yoga. Usefull in the most weird ways.

  4. Great idea and we should implement this training in the States.

  5. btigtime2 says:

    Well that is better idea that what the US has now. Threat people like humans, wow.

  6. How innovative!
    Right on!

  7. SteveXnycperformance says:

    yoga for criminal…LOL.

  8. confusion180 says:

    Wouldnt that make more people want to go to jail to get free yoga lessons. In India weren’t people choosing to commit crimes to get or stay in jail because of the ‘good’ food they serve the prisoners. Much better than what? the poor can afford! Not sure if it is still going on.

  9. much better than what we have in our prison systems in America.

  10. armalabama says:

    usa has the worst of everything…people just don’t know it because they’re retarded

  11. armalabama says:

    let he who has not sinned cast the first stone

  12. SpringChatty says:

    yoga for everyone that wants to try it.

  13. Melville10 says:

    Don’t knock cable tv privileges : )

  14. 707RipOtee says:

    lifesavers when doing time.

  15. seekatruth says:

    I’m sure the homosexuals will love this

  16. MachinePRISM says:

    Fuck you! World rulers Melayu retards!

  17. Peadarisback says:

    not just the states…Europe….

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