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  1. For a 15 year old that easily gets stressed out.
    I have a binge eating disorder/emotional eating… It is driving me crazy. I’m now fat because of it..
    I have 1 month to tone up and lose fat. I want to get rid of these bad eating habits for good!!!! I’m really hoping starting exercise again will motivate me to eat better.

    But apart from that I need to start an exercise routine. I like running (but I’m too embarrassed to run outside now because I’m fat..) but I have a treadmill!! I like to walk my dog. I want to start doing yoga and pilates at home and I also want to start my own strength routine.

    Could you please make me a good exercise routine?!

    -I could wake up early to do yoga or pilates for 20 min.
    -Then when I get home from school I could walk my dog
    -then go on the treadmill for 30 min
    -do a strength training routine for 30 min
    -eat dinner
    -finish homework
    -watch t.v/computer
    -read and bed.
    ^Would that get me toned in a month? Or would I atleast notice less flab?

    ALSO if I wake up 20 min earlier to do yoga/pilates, what yoga/pilates should I do?!
    I found Tara Stiles yoga on youtube, but is there anything else?

    So yeah is that a good exercise routine? Should I do more or less? Switch it up? What should I do?

    Thankyou 🙂

  2. James77721 says:

    Excellent stuff Ms. Tara! That first pose is one we call the “happy camper” – a very useful technique for the woods LOL 😉

    I love the stuff with the blocks – I am inspired to get some and try that as it looks very comfortable.

    Thanks for the video!!!

  3. TuxIsCool says:

    thanks for marking my comment(s) into the red AGAIN. I really enjoy that…no…I really do!

  4. jerseyvegan says:

    I need to buy some blocks so I can try that stretch, it looks so nice!

  5. BiggerDammo says:

    That’s a lovely fireplace!

  6. MasterP1a says:

    what happened to your voice? soundz so deep and smokey

  7. jahlove111 says:

    thanks for this video! the block moves are really great! i wanted to know…what are those blocks made of??

  8. TaraStilesYoga says:

    Hi! Those blocks are cork. Hugger Mugger. I like foam ones also by Hugger Mugger. They are a little softer! Cork is kinda hard and heavy! 🙂

  9. TaraStilesYoga says:

    hmmm… maybe I’m coming down with a cold…but I never got it so that’s good! I think that is my serious voice !

  10. where did you get those blocks ?

  11. TaraStilesYoga says:

    u got it! they are made of cork! I like the foam blocks also. They are less hard then the cork…but too soft isn’t that great. 🙂

  12. MaxSafeheaD says:

    yea, *click click click click click* right?!

  13. MaxSafeheaD says:

    “reading the news online …” busted! =S

    thanks for that routine – I needed that ;o)

  14. oOo0oo0oo0oOo says:

    yea, *pik pik pik pik pik pik* right?!

  15. etherealbylar says:

    Hi Tara……THANKS FOR THESE VIDS…All of them useful….!!

    I just want to know your VALUABLE opinion about “sweeteners”….whichever trademark….

    Do you Use them?????
    I saw your video about Lose weight, but you didn’t mention anything about it, Your advice focuses more to avoid simple suggars —> BIG FAT DEPOSITS!!!!! LOL =)

    THANKS in advance. Plz. Answer :'(

  16. TaraStilesYoga says:

    Hi. Sugar in the raw or brown sugar are good sweetener. If you stick to eating things that haven’t gone through any process to make them different than you’re on the right track. Nutra sweet, sweet and low, and others might be “calorie free” but that means nothing and they are horrible for your system. Your body is not processed. It responds well to foods that are not. Let me know if this helps.

  17. etherealbylar says:

    Of course!!! as always you help!
    Thanks for your quick answer =)

    about Carbs?……Integral carbs are better, I know (rice, corn, etc), the thing is….Is Hole grain bread good?…Some said it is not, ‘cos of the flour on it….but some say “integral flour” behind…..anyway still processed right?.
    Do you drink coffee?? If you don’t mind me asking…
    Cheers!……sorry….many Qs!!….But No, I’m not a member of any spy company 😛

  18. Tara is right, plus most artificial sweeteners have aspertine in them, very bad can give you cancer.

  19. fmstebbins says:

    Hey Tara, I am just getting started doing Yoga, but I can instantly feel the tension being released from my body. I have been doing your routines right after getting home from work to unwind.

    Also, I am a long distance runner and from your Yoga routines I am realizing how much I can improve my fitness, flexibility, and strength. I really appreciate your posts.

  20. novice8814 says:

    I may be wrong. But I heard that sugar in the raw is just pure sugar that is treated with a hint of molasses to simulate raw sugar. It’s a gimmick.