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  1. Wow, awesome video as always.

  2. Thank you!! Very useful!!! Balance is really an issue for me practicing yoga, I’ll try this!!

  3. Great video, I’ve been looking for help on balancing for a while. Thanks a lot!

  4. kateam1975 says:

    it was good but that part at the end was jump did the video jump

  5. nanquan491 says:

    I love this girl, she’s so cute :]

  6. rorkimaru says:

    I was following along and then you did that thing where you balanced on your hands… No chance 😉

  7. wow I can’t imagine doing the pose where you have your leg back and hands forward!! I look foward to getting to that point. Maybe I shouldn’t have watched this as a beginner lol but curiousity got the best of me. The pose where you balance your knees on your elbows – we used to do that in school, we called em ‘froggy headstands’

  8. XStOrMeEX says:

    your so beautiful! 😀

  9. XStOrMeEX says:

    I fell when you stood on your hands (X

  10. LostFoxeh says:

    one of thoughs moves looked similar to a planche push up…well looks like it uses similar muscles anyways.

    cool video

  11. You are right,
    one shot jumped out of sync and stayed unnoticed by the editor until it was uploaded. sorry

  12. ZawadiSimone says:

    why exactly is balance important?

  13. Thanks for that Esther!

  14. bellyroller says:

    It will help improve your focus and concentration

  15. raven32305 says:

    Hi, Thanks for the video. Just wondering how long should I hold ease pose? how long should each session be, and should I do these every day?

  16. Thanks esther, really like ur videos ;]”

  17. KatherineS99 says:

    Thanks for this sequence!
    Why do my knees always hurt my arms when doing that exercise on 7:03?

  18. sillybb5354 says:

    wow, my arms are definitely not strong enough for the third pose!!