1. I know with the simple diet/exercise plan, you can lose weight. However, I am at a healthy weight, but there are these fatty deposits on my back above my hips that are my main problem area (Think of where the waist goes in and the hips begin. There is excess fat there). Will an exercise plan rid me of these? Thanks in advance for the advice.

  2. AnnChi224 says:

    I love this. It’ s fun & easy to do. =)

  3. blaisestreets says:

    I tried this and my metabolism quickened and I lost weight!

  4. Ilemobola says:

    Thanks, I enjoyed it and broke a sweat:)

  5. ValensAetas says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I must say, I have only done Yoga once and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.
    Thank you so much for sharing your poses, the methods, and your great examples. YOU ARE AWESOME…!

  6. cuchigordis says:

    im going to start doing this today!.

  7. humandiseases says:

    thanks for sharing! i’ll definitely try this starting today!!!

  8. jasminebetight says:

    HAhahaHAHHA! this is the most hilarious work out video, but im definately trying it 😀

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  11. nilofersafdar says:

    This is a great video. Thank you for sharing it.

  12. KevinVuongisWong says:

    lol this is fail 😀

  13. i can’t stop laughing!!! HAHAHA

  14. the last part was really funny

  15. i cant stop laughing, the last part is the best
    im definitely gonna try it

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  17. somilpatni says:

    Hey Anmol, can you please tell the duration for we should try each of these exercises ?Thanks .

  18. losebellyfatquickly says:

    Hurray hurray :0 amazing video 🙂 thanks coz I learn something 🙂 please take a glance on my videos thanks 🙂

  19. roughly two minutes each I’d say

  20. Food4Heart says:

    Lawl, this is so crazy it just might work 8D.

    I’ma make sure to do it when no one’s around. though….

  21. freediethelp says:

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  22. I did this yoga yesterday for 15min in the evening ard 8.30 pm.
    Can anyone tell me what is the best time to do yoga? I hit gym in the morning so not possible at that time.

  23. tolazytothinkofauser says:

    thank you for the lesson 🙂

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