Yoga during Pregnancy with Precautions

9 ramdev baba yoga pregnancy poses positions postures and precautions

Pregnancy is a period of time when the body and mind are occupied in the creation of a new life. The experience is unique. Practicing yoga can help you enjoy easier, healthier pregnancy. It also eases delivery. However, it is also important to take some precautions during pregnancy.

Here are some general precautions you should take care of while performing yoga asanas during pregnancy:

How to do Yoga in Pregnancy

Avoid Lying Flat

Mothers to be may skip movements that demands lying flat on back for a couple of minutes. This is more important after the first trimester. Lying on the back will result in additional force on inferior vena cava, the vein carrying blood from legs to heart. The action may also cause dizziness, nausea, and shortness.

No Sirshasana or Sarvangasana

If you have never performed these asanas before, then it is best to skip these poses. Strictly avoid experimenting with your body during pregnancy. On the other hand if you are used to doing these asanas and comfortable performing them, then you can continue to do them through second trimesters. Pregnant women are advised against inverted poses completely during the third trimester.

Stay away from Abdominal Stretches

Make sure you do not perform yoga asanas that stretches your abdominal muscles a lot. Some of these include deep forward and back bends. It is also wise to keep from deep twists.

yoga pregnancy poses and precautions


Pregnant women are more vulnerable to tear and strain muscles during pregnancy because their hormones allow expansion of the uterus. It also loosens other connective tissues.

No Hot or Bikram Yoga

There is a rage among people about performing Hot or Bikram yoga due to the results they provide. However, pregnant women are advised against Bikram or Hot Yoga classes. For performing Hot Yoga asanas, the rooms are heated to 90 degrees or more. This may result in dangerous overheating.

Take Support

When performing downward facing dog asanas during the third trimester, it is important to take support. You can use a chair for support. This will help you perform the asana with ease and avoid any risks involved.

Pregnancy Yoga is definitely great and ensures amazing results. If you are serious about starting yoga during pregnancy, start performing them wholeheartedly under the guidance of a trainer.

You’ll feel really better, healthy and stress free. It is easy to perform yoga asanas despite the extra weight.

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