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  1. I am 17 and weigh 210lbs. I am about 5’7 and want to go down to about 160lbs. Any ideas on how to achieve this the quickest way?

  2. Great routine. 🙂

  3. nanquan491 says:

    Ester, you are very attractive! :]

  4. pacman211 says:

    very pretty indeed!

  5. mpgalindo says:

    Great cooling down! But had no idea inverted positions were troublesome during the period… so, thanks for the tip.
    By the way, nice deck!!! You must have a lovely house indeed.

  6. yogafan6500 says:

    Great video. Thanks Esther that was absolutely cool. I’ve done the cool down after my community yoga class and it helps me so much. Thanks with all my love to a wonderful yoga teacher. Namaste Y : ) x

  7. KonohasFastWhiteFang says:

    nice socks. i want some.

  8. Do you have any more info on why inversion are not good during your period?

  9. CharityLai says:

    I like the faster paced instruction in this video and the change of background is a nice touch. Also, the more details you explain, the wiser we all are…. a much appreciative fan… Charity, Taiwan

  10. In the end there is no real consensus within the yoga, but from a philosophical point of view during your period the body is cleansing itself and the energy is downward flowing. When you reverse it with a shoulderstand pose you disturb this natural flow.

  11. However in the end every body is different, and you can feel what works for you. Iyengar also recommends practicing inversions sometimes to alleviate certain problems like heavy flow or when cramps, so there you go, in the end everybody needs to take responsibility for their own body and feel what is right for them! I think however it is good to be aware of the debate!

  12. losplatosdemaria says:

    Thanks again, Esther! Your videos are well-made and easy to understand. –Bordeaux, France

  13. Nice videos. Very relaxing. The thing on the side of your face looked like some sort of weird growth and kinda disturbed me for a bit until I realized it was the microphone!

  14. Dear Esther,you can`t imagine how much I do appreciate your videos.Your calming and yet stimulating presence is a gift.Love this last video too.

  15. Rasmuzzen says:

    Love the way you say “body”

  16. Rasmuzzen says:

    What do you think..if I would like to have a 20 min. morning program, is it better to do the same exersices everyday or should I do different to vary?

  17. HI Rasmuzzen,
    I would definitely vary a bit, … Its fine to do something for a while to really get it, than do something else, variation is always good!
    🙂 Esther

  18. SoloSrbija says:

    GREATE videos its easy to understand…..tanx.