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  1. WhiteWomanIsm says:

    That was very educational. Thank you.

  2. BeautyEmvy says:

    look at her video: Yoga for Hamstrings. Works great!

  3. 2007FORLife says:

    This pretty good although i must say 1 thing : OMFG What the hell ur leg is so weird u bend it at a 90 degrees angle and you can still talk in a normal voice?!?!

  4. Esther your hair! It looks extraordinarily beautiful today!

  5. keypointist says:

    This works well for me. Thanks!

  6. wcnprincess says:

    I only WISH I was flexible enough to do this!
    Esther, you are a very nice person, teaching us how to do these things! Very beautiful person, inside and out!
    Thank you for your generosity! ^_^

  7. ooprinceess says:

    hi Esther i love ur videos keep em coming! 😀

    can i ask u something.. im 14 and i do online kickbox workouts twice a week and also stretch and practice doing high kicks lol..
    and about 1 month ago or more my left upper gluteus started hurting but not all the time only when i do for example a sidekick with the leg that doesnt hurt stay in that position for a while and then comeback to normal position..

  8. ooprinceess says:

    when i comeback to normal position it hurts..
    and now when i did that stretch at 8:55 i tried to open my legs more and for a few sec it started hurting alot and couldnt move it.. so do u know if these videos help me?

  9. It sounds to me you have a bit of an injury going. you need to let it heal otherwise it is going to take a long time. Stretching it is good so it heals without too many adhesion’s and the flexibility stays, but DON’T push it, be conservative in your stretching.

  10. If it is really painful and inflamed you might need to rest it for a while before you start stretching. So yeah, these video’s will help you to maintain the flexibility, but again it might need rest first, that is a call you or a doctor need to make, its impossible for me to asses the situation from a distance.
    Hope this helps, and you can do sidekicks soon again without pain!!!

  11. ooprinceess says:

    okay ill try that thanks 😀

  12. excellent instructions; window between 2 legs, keep shoulder blades grounded, focus attention on how whole body feels, not just the area stretched, keeping inner thighs & ankles together to support back… @ 9:22 I see you adjusting your shoulders & legs, what should we be feeling or releasing? I forget to breath deep & relax, especially relax my mind~ tend to multitask, solve problems in my mind while stretching~ bad habit I need to break God Bless You & thank you

  13. will try this at night! thanks!

  14. AHH!!! I LOVE THIS!!! i did this after my pilates n cardio workout n man i feel so good!!!!
    yay for endorphines! yay for esther!

  15. chibiguy93 says:

    this is great! thanks for another awesome video.I LOVE your hair in this video by the way! You’re so pretty!

  16. shelteringshade says:

    You’re a wonderful teacher! I like how yoga is not “you have to” and “you must”, it’s “you can” and “if you want” – absolutely nothing that cannot be reached with training.
    P.S. I like hoy Esther says “stretch”.

  17. RainingScilence says:

    haha, I fell asleep at the final pose! Just shows you it works! I used this to get a good nights rest after my yoga practice, and it’s so great! Thanks so much Esther!

  18. thx Esther, i took a yoga class before, but these postures are new to me. i really enjoy it.

  19. Hi! I just want to say that your videos really help me alot especially being a first timer & all lol. You’re doing a great job! :^)

  20. MissAyela says:

    I love doing this routine in the evening time, thanks so much Esther!

  21. jellapudge says:

    when you do the seated fold, should your sit bones stay flat to the floor? i try to keep mine grounded but the further i bend forward, the more they lift up…

  22. CrazyLifeNatureness says:

    just watching that makes me feel sleepy! I can’t wait to try this out! ^_^