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  1. The feminist movement was invented by the jewish media and the muds to drive the white race into extinction. They did this by targeting white women and making them feel inferior for being homemakers and moms. The reich never did that. Germans respected mothers. It was around that time in the 60s-70s era that you began to see interracial couples. Before the feminist movement and desegregation most people generally accepted that mud sharking was gross.

  2. nandhi108 says:

    gratitude for offering insights into this beautiful ancient yoga!


  3. thecontemplative2 says:

    A demonstration of numerous yantra methods (rlung ro bsal ba, tshigs sbyong lnga, rlung bsang brgyad, dung, gri gug, phur bu, and sdom) from the an eighth century text by Vairocana called _phrul khor nyi zla kha sbyor bzhugs so_

  4. yogmaya09 says:

    thank you for the wonderful video

  5. dannonflynn says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  6. krisyogini says:

    There is no better yoga! 😀

  7. krisyogini says:

    I am a still a newbie in many movements, but it makes me feel amazing anyway. Best way to start your day. What i love about Yantra Yoga is the breathing. It´s a challenge and it´s great!

  8. pemala777 says:

    Very Good well done (om a hu)

  9. nothingnessish says:

    this makes me happy =) yay! i wish all the same! yay!

  10. 1oo8bhati says:


    for remembering

    Karma Shenpen Tsomo