1. My friend and I are planning on recording a homemade rap album on cd to sell to our friends. I plan to record it in my living room using a computer microphone. The only thing that is holing us back is the recording software. Can anyone recomend what the SIMPLEST, best quality, affordable hip hop recording software is? I have considered and am still considering fruity loops, sonic producer, and cakewalk.

  2. Lasagna delivery guy says:

    Rap has to do with possessions, crime, violences, bad attitude towards woman, money, affects children attitudes, clothing gear and concieted.

    How do you combine all together as a thesis statement?


  3. chibimidget says:

    lol, red short shortsXD

  4. JeSuisBoomah says:

    the end is hilarious.

  5. iWantAffliction says:

    LOL :O i noticed at 0:48 look at those arms jiggle 😀 that’s so weird

  6. dany55655 says:

    lol at 0:40 hes not liffting anything

  7. DestinyAccelerator says:

    thumbs up for the Norway shirt =D

  8. MsIlikewaffles says:

    I wish i had a camra

  9. fggfrffgh says:

    nice 95 pounds pussy xD

  10. ultra1super1pancakes says:

    You saved my life Rhett

  11. zacheriajoseph says:

    @MsIlikewaffles Camra…? Camera silly..

  12. empierestateofmind says:

    fin Norge t-shorte 5 stjerner kun for det

  13. spikelova12 says:

    not ur best vid guys! come on do like a barbie girl song u guys r soooo funny it would be a big hit!

  14. internaldiscord says:


  15. homeskilly257 says:

    you should make a rap at a carnaval or amusment park that would be awesome!

  16. alright i really do need some help…… u saved mt life rett you saved my life…………..

  17. benjam0411 says:

    im from norway! 😀
    Jeg er fra norge 😀

  18. TurquoiseSpot says:

    @InstructionRequest what? i just missed one letter thats all…

  19. CuriousCathrine says:

    NORWAY ROCKS! …in a way… I know, cause I live there. (:

  20. girlofwar2 says:

    OMG hilarious!!! especially about the purple Idaho shaped birthmark!!! lol you guys are genius!

  21. doughsiao says:

    haha good stuff… ya’ll just made my day.

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