1. ademuth93 says:

    In Italian it is La Gioconda, because her husbands last name was del Giocondo, and her real name was Lisa, but does anyone know the meanig of Mona?

  2. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    Kallisto (Greek; Most beautiful)
    Magnhild (Greek; Mighty strong battle)
    Concordia (Roman; Harmony)
    Enkhtuya (Mongolian; Ray of peace)
    Sakina (Arabic; Calmness & peace)
    Shanti (Indian; Quiet, peace, tranquility)
    Gioconda (Italian; Happy)
    Akemi (Japanese; Bright, beautiful)
    Muirgel (Irish; Bright sea)
    Shideh (Iranian; Bright)
    Yevpraksiya (Russian; Good action)
    Chika (Japanese; thousand, wisdom; intellect, scatter, good; fine, flower)
    Nuo (Chinese; graceful)

  3. Thanks XEM!! I think I have my sound ok now. We will be making allot more of them now. Thanks for stopping in!! Duke

  4. myWORLDizDIGITAL says:

    the sound iz actually remarkable. did you get the new mic?

  5. I got a 7foot mic boom on a tripod. The room is tough on sound. I was not happy with the sound before but now we will be cranking out allot of them. Have you got a chance to go take a class yet?

  6. Thanks for stopping by John!!

  7. loadbrecht says:

    btw I notice you use pinnacle studeo

    i’m thinking of doing some how to videos on it

  8. Yes I started with 11 and now I have 12 I also have Pro CS3 but for what I am doing I like the work flow better on Pinnacle. I think some howto’s would be a great thing for folks. It’s takes sometime to get to know it and it would have helped me if I had some how to’s when I started on it!! If I can be of any help let me know!!

  9. austinsplace1 says:

    Thank you for the information! I think I will try it. Thank you Mr. Duke! Endles stars…


  10. loadbrecht says:

    I have a bunch of editing programs

    wmm , sonyvagas ,magix mm, vision lab, nero ,
    and pro shop edit
    pinnacle does the most with out it being a big pain in the ass….lol
    I started with 6 and now have 11
    i keep thinking of upgrading but the only thing i want in the upgrade is to be able to use .mov files
    but I aint paying almost a $100 for the upgrade

  11. I think 12 is even smoother than 11. 11 would jam on me sometimes 12 does not. I am very happy I went to 12.

  12. loadbrecht says:

    I can deal with jams . is there any other cool stuff that makes it worth it!!!

    you got me wanting to spend money on myself at christmas …thats not good….lol

  13. Thanks for stopping by Bear!! I think you would love it. I think an artist’s mind can really grab a hold of it. It helps to make you feel better in mind and body. Look around and try a few different classes if you can so you will get a better feel for it. There is the right class for everyone but you haft to find it!! In Yoga we “Namaste” To the place that you and I are one in the same!! Peace Duke

  14. Yes you get more of most things I have allot of add-on’s and can’t remember all the new stuff that came with it. I sure do like working with it much better. You get some more stuff on the bonus disc but you have allot already.

  15. myWORLDizDIGITAL says:

    at the moment Duke, i am working lots. the time i have left after that iz mostly filled up. maybe after the holidays when all this craziness slows down, lol!

    oh, and your new mic iz doing the trick, really it sounds great!

  16. Mmm, i’ve never done Yoga and i do believe i’m one with my mind, but that body part, i realy should be more one with my body.That would help me to be more healthier i think.

  17. xxxSunbeamxxx says:

    What a beautiful video. I agree with everything she said!! I love it when you find that place of ‘calm’ inside and yoga really is such a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself and where you are on your journey. I loved this video, Duke – thanks for sharing! 5 stars!
    Sunbeam 🙂

  18. Thanks Sunbeam!! I think I have the sound thing now. We plan to make allot of videos now that we have it worked out. I hope your classes are going well. As always it’s great to see you!! Duke

  19. I used to think that too Jolanda! Yoga is a eye opener! You should give it a try. It’s Mind Body and Breath and developing a new understanding of who we really are and of the things that we are really doing without even knowing it. I know it sounds funny but it becomes more clear with time. That’s why Yogis are so mellow because the understanding brings Peace to the mind. Thanks for stopping by!!! Duke

  20. aw man!…I’m so disassociated that I have two zip codes…one for mind & one for body…cool vid…apeman, peace & stars

  21. seniorsite says:

    Well said Great video Duke many ***********
    Aiways hugs *?Dee

  22. Sorry I missed this Duke..!!
    Awesome insight into Yoga..thanks for creating this and presenting Giaconda to us!!
    daniel =)

  23. HereWithYoudotcom says:

    I can see how yoga does all of that. Great info on yoga and it was nice to hear about it from Gioconda..


  24. Thank you for all the videos and info you give us. I have a lower back pain for more than a year and the doctors haven’t found anything in MRI’s or Xrays and I have tried from chiropractics to neurologists and now I live on pain killers. Can you pls post a video on yoga exercises to relieve the lower back pain? Thank you!

  25. grapedevine says:

    thanx for sharing! Very nice explanation.
    obsil11, please do not wait for a video! just find a teacher around the corner and get help!

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