Yoga has been in the world since more than 5000 years. Every year more and more people are discovering its advantage and have started practicing to enjoy health benefits. We can say that the world today is swept by the true fitness mantra yoga. With changing times more advanced and fusion type of yoga has evolved which makes use of asana and meditation and breathing techniques. One can benefit from these forms and enjoy good health. Here are discussed some of the yoga health benefits:-
Benefits of yoga for flexibility-
Age is nor bar when it comes to yoga. Elderly people and arthritis patients are extremely worried about flexibility. But the fact is that even people with such condition can make use of yoga in everyday life and can benefit good health. The muscles can be safely worked out by various yoga poses and the range of motion can be increased. Yoga increases the natural lubrication of body and softens all the body tissues. Thus, Yoga health benefits can be observed and enjoyed in very short period of time.  
Benefits of yoga for strength-
Some fusion forms of yoga like the power yoga and asthanga yoga offer more health benefits and they are vigorous. They tone the muscles. The iyengar yoga lays less stress on movements with precision in poses. These are good to give strength and stamina benefits.
Benefits of yoga for posture-
With flex and strength the posture improves. Further the core strength gets developed with standing and sitting postures. Another important benefit of yoga comes with increase in alertness.  
Benefits of yoga for better breathing-
All the yoga asana and the yoga postures are well structured with breathing techniques. This is important to improve the lung capacity and increase the blood flow in the body. With improvement in endurance the performance also perks. Yoga lays stress on deepened and lengthened breathing technique.  
Benefits of yoga for reducing stress and increasing calmness-
Even a beginner can feel the difference in his/her first yoga class. Numerous yoga styles make particular meditation technique to calm the mind. Some other yoga forms focus on breath. Yoga is popular on account of its anti-stress benefits.
 Benefits of yoga for concentration-
 It’s true that with absorption of yoga in life the concentration improves and the mood swings arrested. Yoga has tremendous effect on depression and anxiety. Yoga is said to ease some of the obsessive compulsive disorder.  
Benefits of yoga for heart-
Even studies support that yoga is capable in alleviating cardiovascular diseases. It reduces heart rate and control blood pressure. People can get benefited with yoga and they can control hypertension, stroke, cholesterol etc. some studies even show the anti-oxidant effect of yoga for better health.  
Benefits of yoga for other ailments-
In the west the researchers has found the benefits of yoga on account of its therapeutic effects. Yoga benefits arthritis, asthmas, back pain, insomnia and even in sclerosis too.  
Other health Benefits of yoga –
Yoga builds memory. It also slows down the aging process and boosts energy level. On a spiritual level too the awareness increases. Yoga practitioners opine that even on personal front yoga works miraculously.
With practice of these yoga practices one can witness and benefit all the good health. It infuses entirely in one’s individual’s life.

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