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  1. MexicanDude says:

    Hey, I’m 16 and I’m overweight to the point where it’s ridiculous….I should be about 115-133 but I’m 166. I know that I need to eat right but the only problem is my mom hasn’t really been helping me with the eating healthy part….But anyways, how can I make time to work out? Because this semester I’ll be staying after school for drama/ the musical ALOT! Then I’ll have to do all my hw and etc…How can I make time to work out for like 1-2 hours a day? I want to get into a size 7 jeans and a small to medium shirt size by July or August.

  2. I’m not over weight at all, it’s only alittle bit of pudgeon my stomach (but thats not the problem). basically i’m average. But I have a double chin and it looks sooo bad from the side and I want ot gone. 🙁 But I dont know what to do! Can some ome help me please? any exercises that ACTUALLY work!?

    Here’s picture if it helps:
    Not lying, im not super thin, but im definitely average. and yeah.. i do eat alot of junk. haha. but id like to know exercises that works

  3. PinkBigFan says:

    okay thnx 🙂 namaste!
    im trying to eat less than 1500 calories a day…like u said 🙂
    uhm they say..eating banana b4 and after meal…will help u reduce weight is true? should i eat banana everyday?… :)) :((

  4. PinkBigFan says:

    i just realize…. :(( watching yoga…seems to be easy…and u feel like u can do it all….but opposite!! especially…the dog style if u do that for long…MY GOSH….im sweating like a dog..!! if u watch yoga seems to be easy than regular exercise….but its harder and better… im starting to be fan of yoga!!! especially ur lovely steps! all my steps that im using everyday…..are from u! sadie nardini

  5. sadienardini says:

    Thanks! And I’m happy you’re getting it. Keep it up, and you will transform in so many ways. I did!!!


  6. sadienardini says:

    Is it in your muscles or your shoulder or elbow joints? If it’s muscles, you’re probably just really working them, so keep going or put your knees down sometimes and arch and curl your spine as an alternative. If your joints are killing, then your alignment’s off so I want to hear back from you.

  7. Trepyebyeb says:

    I feel the pain in my muscles (in my triceps) and in my hands. I enjoy feeling the burn but, sometimes its too overwhelming. Putting my knees down does help though, but I didn’t know it was allowed. Should I put padding under my hands as well?

  8. sadienardini says:

    Hey–no padding under the hands, you can strain your wrists. And yes, just put the knees down, do cat/cow arches and curls, and your arms will get used to it. Also, breathe a LOT–that can help take down the lactic acid which causes burning. Watch my Yoga Detox Breath video and do that through your whole class till the end. Good luck! You’ll get there. Sadie

  9. PinkBigFan says:

    glad to hear that! ur lovely steps really inspiring me…and i do believe if i continue ur steps 🙂 i’ll be sexy :)) i hope so =P
    b4…i sleep like 2am-3am……but when i started doing yoga! i can finally sleep early!!! yayyyyy……….. and body is starting to formmmm….something really gud 🙂 thnx a lot! i will still continue ur steps…everyday 🙂 thnx a lot again!


  10. teddyhcuts says:

    thank you sadie! i’ve been doing your sequences for a month now and my hand no longer hurt the way they used to which is awesome!! i can totally feel a difference in my body already!!

  11. zeynep462 says:

    I just started following these videos, but I am having hard time seeing what you are doing because of the black background and black outfit you are wearing. I wish there were a white curtain on the background. I love the flow. Thanks.

  12. acquiredtaste222 says:

    Im able to work my muscles & its easy for me to balance during poses .. but y wrists always end up hurting & i cant do the poses long enough. what should i do??? :0}

  13. moeshie147 says:

    im not overweight but i just don’t have too much flexibility and im not so strong on the joints 🙁 … any tips on yoga poses?

  14. FallenAngelYuna says:

    I’m the same way… Need help!

  15. whatevalosa111 says:

    when u do the lunges or any pose should you suck your stomach in and always keep it there. Ive also heard that keeping your stomach in help you lose weight. Not much but it does something. Thanks!

  16. yeah, keep it in. Sadie says it all the time. I don’t know if it helps you to loose weight, but it keeps you aligned and protects your lower back 🙂

  17. whatevalosa111 says:

    Hey I have another qustion that maybe you could answer. I have ok lower arms but my upper arms are vry heavy. When i do the yoga poses I want ot build upper body muscle but not so much that you can see a lot of muscles. I basically want my arms to be slim. Will these excercises make my arms slim or really toned. Also lets say that I lose a lot of weight, will my whole body become slim on its own or only the body parts that I did the excercise for? Really hope you can help. Thanks in advance !

  18. ukehimesama says:

    wow my bod is killing me

  19. h0tdietsforgirls says:

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  21. chixpox25 says:

    thank you for the video. this is a very good practice

  22. liberatebooks179 says:

    Whenever I do yoga my palms tend to hurt. How can I do yoga poses without my palms hurting?

  23. marvinqfuzzypants says:

    if you ever find out please post here I have the same problem during yoga & pushups

  24. marvinqfuzzypants says:

    i looked into that if you keep your stomach in by pressing your bellybutton in AND up ALL THE TIME (walking cooking sitting standing on the toilet literally ALL your awake time) it can make a big difference when coupled with a bit of cardio and strength training/yoga

  25. whatevalosa111 says:

    omg!! thats soo cool. thank u:)

  26. Ilovetbilisi says:

    does it really work ??? if someone loss weight after this exercises please write down here … Thanks : )