1. penguinfeet4594 says:

    Thanks Esther! I was always unsure how to start my practice..this works great!

  2. very nice… Thank you

  3. youfilthybastard says:

    this is filmed in ireland?

  4. lkpbutterfly says:

    Thank you Esther, you are the best! Very good demonstrations.

  5. chrisspitzman says:

    very very good. !!!

  6. Hi Esther,
    I wish be there to feel you energy.

  7. asuviyanon says:

    when I’m not at the gym in my yoga class, I’m watching Esther!!!

  8. Thanks Esther. Your videos are great. I am a beginner.
    By the way, I cannot view “WARMING-UP SEQUENCE FOR YOGA”, you may need to upload it again.

  9. RockandRoller918 says:

    Your Yoga is Great and very relaxing for the whole body too.Thanks

  10. halvainne says:

    Hello! Ester!

    I am totaly hooked on Yoga! Thanks to you! It realt helps my skateboarding out!

    Keep up the good work!


  11. hartzner4life says:

    where are you from??

  12. I am from the Netherlands but live in Ireland.

  13. Wubbzyfan says:

    Thank you Esther. Your videos are wonderful.

  14. thanks sooo much for this!
    it’s very helpful because i ride horses and that kills your back.

  15. You should ALWAYS stretch you spine first (with the Mountain pose) , before bending it and leave the swiveling around for the end, so as to avoid any injuries.

  16. mysticalfairylad says:

    i loved this video but the end was a little to fast for me…XD but really relaxing ^___^

  17. Wheeledwildchild says:

    As an absolute beginner when it comes to yoga your videos are extremely helpful. Thank you Esther!

  18. I Love Esther!! Absolutely perfect yoga instructor.

  19. thisishowweviewit says:

    What is the activity called right after the warm-up??
    “Sun” something?

    Youre a great instructor, thanks a lot :]

  20. ScriptWorker says:

    She is saying “solicitations”.

  21. ScriptWorker says:

    This was my first time with yoga. So found it a bit difficult but ultimatly the body feels better for the breathing too.

  22. rockymtnchick83 says:

    She is saying “sun salutations”, a common sequence of Hatha yoga asanas (poses). : )

  23. dametallica says:


  24. lattyrose994 says:

    this hurts and helps at the same time

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