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  1. thebenchwarmer says:

    lol, how did that singing part come into this??

    korean and japanese sound a bit similar..

  2. breezyme123 says:

    honestly I really don’t care what she is speaking except that it was hilarious ! I didn’t know what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised. OMG…eating pizza in yoga class…toooo funny ! THNX for posting this…really.

  3. dutti2901 says:

    oh boy, that was fuckin’ funny!

    i cannot believe no one was cracking up during the shoot of this because i was laughing my ass off…

    “spread your legs wide open and let your vagina feel that sunlight!”-lol

    whoever wrote that should get an award for being ridiculously funny and the girls from 3way too, for not starting to burst into tears from laughing!

  4. technoturtle says:

    stick my pizza up your poji hahahaha

  5. kathy shim is literally hilarious!

  6. KrnBlackWannabe says:

    She’s clearly speaking Korean. I understood everything she said….and I can honestly say that it wasn’t pleasant. =)

  7. in all honesty, if Cathy told me to eat her pogie, I definitely would on the spot.

  8. southernjunkie94 says:

    I know, right? That was hilarious.

  9. rock4you88 says:

    jerry is the absolute most hilarious character ever

  10. theysayimgone says:

    you’re stupid.

  11. cathy shim doesn’t really have an accent when she speaks korean. i’m impressed and entertained 🙂

  12. They are all so funny together. I wish 3Way could come back.

  13. inuharrytwiclique says:

    I love Maile she is sooooo funny!

  14. douxvanille says:

    lmao! i love this video!! cant stop watching it. xD

  15. HearrtOnMySleeve9 says:

    “pogie! eat my pogie, biotch!”
    “Stick my pizza up you pogie!”

    hahahaaaa i love Mailie!

  16. princetongirl763 says:

    this show is absolutely beyond hilarious

  17. eludingillusion says: