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  1. arronwrath says:

    how much weight can i loss in two weeks and wat do i do

  2. i have 35 days until school starts. And i want to lose around 20kg by then. I don’t care even if it is unhealthy . I used to be slim, but then i started to eat emotionally and i gained around 25 kg. And i want to reduce this before school starts. This is really important to me. Can u please suggest a way i could reduce this much weight? And a way to stay motivated to exercise and follow a strict diet? What is the best time to exercise? How can i stop food cravings? People say nothing is impossible, So please give positive comments. I really need help! =)

  3. supernerd567 says:

    I’m 5’2 and 149 lbs, and i know that i’m slightly overweight. I eat pretty healthy but i dont really work out or anything… i’ve had a busy year with school and stuff. i want to know the best way to start my weight loss journey.
    ive been thinking of riding my bike for half an hour a day to get me started, what do you think?

    thankyou so much this means heaps!

  4. I am about 5’3″ 135lbs and I want to lose about 15-20 lbs really quick. Please do NOT answer if you are going to tell me that diet pills are unhealthy because I just want to try one. I need to be around 110-115 in less than two months.
    I am going to try Zantrex-3. Does that work?
    Has anybody tried Quick Slim?
    I want to try a diet pill that works for people my size, not people who were 200lbs and became 140 because that is a different type of weight loss, you know? Please help! Thanks:]

  5. KingTingRolloTong says:

    looks not only healthy 🙂 but…

  6. FreeYogaVideos says:

    Great same . It is a cool thing to be doing .

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