1. If you like this one, you will also like the “downswing weightshift” video…you will find it on the “you tube Shawn” page of my website!
    Thanks for your comment! Shawn

  2. You rock Shawn. I could definitely tell that I was shifting too much weight to the heel of my foot. Keep them coming.

  3. i think you’re an engineer of golf swing… you could explain it all logically and easy to understand. I will get your dvd soon. BTW, Iam from Indonesia, will find a way to get your dvd.

  4. Thanks for your nice comment Lam!

  5. golfrules08 says:

    if you are doing an out to in swing and you are told that you are not doing enough hip rotation and if u do the proper hip rotation it will go along the same plane??

  6. golfrules08 says:

    hi do u know the way u said to move your head with the swing i was told to keep my head in the same place in the swing to keep proper spine angle and i was just wondering if it’s true

  7. To answer both these questions; this one will be answered by the “Proper spine tilt”video;

  8. Thie one will be answered by the “tilted Spiral” part 1, 2 and 3 videos;


  9. insightxbox360 says:

    Hey, just wanted to say thankyou for these videos you have made this particular video and the short chipping video have improved my handicap from 7 to 4 so thanks once again.

  10. You are welcome! You can send your 10% check of new golf related earnings to my home office address on my contact page of my website…:) LOL

  11. greggles3155 says:

    Hi, after watching a few of your videos i think from what i can see, that your right leg and knee straightens on the backswing, i was wondering if this is ok? as my coach is always correcting me when i straighten it…. cheers

  12. AlexanderBrandonLy says:

    hes not straighten out his leg if u watch carefully

  13. Hi Greg;
    The right leg must extend a bit; it is necessary for a proper hip turn; see my “Golf Pro Lesson Head Bobble” video for info on it; Thanks for your very valid question! Shawn

  14. Shawn,

    If you are using the braced tilt setup as described in your other video’s is the weight still 50/50 as you describe in this video?


  15. shaneomcg123 says:

    shawn or anyone.can you tell me if i should get a taylormade burner 2008version for 170euro or should i get the taylormade r7 for 80euro off my friend?thanks

  16. Which one are you hitting with the best? This is the question; if you hit them both well, save your money! They are both great drivers! Shawn

  17. Either 50/50 or 40/60 to the front side; see “golf pro lesson Tilted Spiral” part 1, 2 and 3; Shawn

  18. rockthekasbox says:

    Hi, Shawn I have been golfing for about eight weeks. I have been watching your videos for the same amount of time. I have been telling everyone that I have played with about your videos and what a great instruction that they have. I have be playing with my Dad who is 81 years young and love beating every time out.
    I have progressed much thanks to you and your great instruction Matt

  19. Thanks Matt! I appreciate the great comment! It is great that you are able to share this great game with Family; I am enjoying getting out with my Wife, Son and Daughter every chance I get! Shawn

  20. Garciamrcool says:

    Great video. I am struggling with this right now : (

  21. tbirdsteve1 says:

    Gday Shawn, this is a great video. Everyone should watch it!! I have been golfing for around 9 months now. Can you believe I paid money for a coach to teach me to deliberately shift weight!! Had me digging holes before the ball cos I couldn’t get forward of the ball fast enough. Obviously, NO LAG!!! Awesome, sensible instruction from you. Many Thanks!! Cheers, Steve.

  22. juno124515 says:

    I like how well he communicates

  23. smithyjtb says:

    Hi Shawn, I used to have a bit problem of losing my spine angle on the downswing but seem to have pretty much gotten rid of it, however from DTL on video my rear end, if there was a vertical line on it at address would still just move slightly off it towards the ball. My question is, should i feel as though on the downswing my weight shifts towards my left heel? as when i do this i dont move away from the line, but i dont want to do this if it will cause other problems!! Keep up the gr8 vids!!

  24. Have a look at my “golf pro lesson downswing weightshift” and “golf pro lesson hogan power drill”; they will help deepen your understanding in feeling the shift in pressure; Shawn

  25. Have a look at my “golf pro lesson downswing weightshift” and “golf pro lesson get more power and club speed” it will demonstrate how important it is to allow for that squat in the downswing to prepare for that explosion to the target! See also golf pro lesson the insanity of golf” (target focus) and “golf pro lesson tilted twirl” for the expansiveness of the arm swing to the target! Shawn

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