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People who practice yoga regularly have a certain glow about them. They’re healthy, happy, and just have a special way about them that infects everything and everyone around them for the better. This is the glow of yoga that we all strive for.

To achieve the yoga glow-like zen, we have to start somewhere. Here are a few tips and products to help you start out small, and end up happy and limber with a glow all your own. Try using a yoga strap Using straps can really help you get into those tougher poses that require the flexibility that you just don’t have yet. The yoga strap will allow you to put the resistance where you need it. For example, you can use straps to connect one arm to the other, extend your reach from your feet, and many other tricks.

Yoga Bolsters for back support

Bolsters are firm long and narrow pillows normally filled with a dense cotton and designed specifically to help support you tummy and back during your yoga practice. Bolsters can really come in handy for poses that require a lot of core strength. Another great use for them is to put them under your knees for support as you rest

Select the right mat

Selecting a mat can be overwhelming. They come in thin, thick, cotton, short, long, and wide. For starters I’d recommend getting a skidless thick and long yoga mat. This will provide the comfort and stability for getting the hang of the traditional poses you’ll learn right away.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks come in all shapes and sizes, and are mostly used to modify a pose or to provide support for your hands and feet for those poses where you can’t quite stretch to the extent you want. Blocks can bring the stretch destination closer to you until you reach your flexibility goals.

These are just a few of the yoga props you can use when starting out, and can even serve you in your yoga practice over the years to come. Just remember that yoga is a very personal exercise, you set your own limits, and you set your own boundaries. You will only improve at the rate to which you push yourself.

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    I have had anxiety attacks for yrs. and was put on meds for it but I took myself off the meds I did ask my dr before I did so and he said it would be ok if I slowly did it so I did because I was tired to being a zombie all day.. I did ok for a few months and now they r back.. I go out and i feel shacky inside I feel as tho I am gonna loss control. omg I am gonna die wat if I have a brain tumor jus all kinds of things go through my head I dont even want to leave my house because I am scared of the way its controlling my life.. I have had therapy for it and it helped but now I dont have insurance for it because I am divorced and cant afford thise high dollar visits. does anyone know what I can do too help my situation like excersizes or somthing to jus relax my mind.. I feel as tho I am lossing control of my life again.. pls serious answers only no smart comments this is very scarey and serious
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  5. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:


    I am 35 years old, weigh 64kg and am about 163cm tall. I am an average size 12 – 14.

    I am trying desperately to loose weight – I do yoga twice a week for 1.5 hours each time and this has been really good to build muscle but not for loosing weight. So I have started running.

    For the past month I have run 4-5 days per week building up from 20 minutes the first week to 30 minutes the last three weeks. Each day is becoming more enjoyable but I have had absolutely NO change in weight.

    I have determined to continue but am starting to feel like I must be doing something wrong?

    Running doesn’t come naturally to me, but I am doing it because I understand it to be the most effective weight lose tool.

    In terms of eating I am 80% healthy, drink ginger tea every morning and lost of water during the day. For breakfast I rotate between toast, porridge and fruit. Lunch is normally salad or sushi and dinner vegetarian. I drink wine on the weekends only.

    Any advice or tips would be so greatly appreciated. I am happy to keep at it if the results will come. I have noticed, while I can maintain my weight it is very challenging to loose anything.


  6. xiM Clutch says:

    I’m helping someone lose weight who is a female, age 13, is around 5’4, and weighs 178 pounds. Not very active. So any meal ideas or exercise ideas? I was thinking with just starting out with 30 minutes of walking each day and limiting calorie intake to 1,200 or 1,400. Than after that, I would add more exercise or more difficult exercise. Like maybe 20 minute cardio or something. So:

    Easy meal ideas
    Exercise Ideas
    Other tips

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