1. Hi i’m a 2nd year civil eng. student in ireland and Im considering studying a masters when i’m done, preferably abroad.
    I have an interest in tunnell work but i’m open to suggestions.
    Please help me out any one who has experience in this field thanks.

  2. Isamright33 says:

    Yeah it’s permanent now but marijuana helped me learn everything they did but way way faster…for example my lower abodminal is always filled with air that keeps my entire body warm and my head and body always feel like they are submerged in some sort of flowy liquid like substance that permeates my body, otehrs can feel my energy, and i have a certain power over people just by looking at htem and breathing three times every minute.

  3. Isamright33 says:

    yeah like i respect what they do and shit, but it has nothing to do with virtue, it’s a biological function of hte body to fill yoruself up with air hte way they do to permeate good will and thoughts, but to tell you teh truth it’s overated, and there are no real special powers other than endless energy to just sit and stare.

  4. monopole2 says:

    If it has nothing to do with virtue, then it serves no purpose. the only and ultimate motivation is pure virtue to help all beings. That is what separates it from all other paths.
    it looks like they are doing nothing, but some of those masters can manifest them selves one hundred thousand times to benefit sentient beings. So yes… they are sitting there, but their minds are radiant and dancing

  5. himalayanspirit says:

    I found some comments where people equated Buddhist practice with taking drugs. Seriously, this is a completely deluded way of thinking. People get extremely attached to drugs and they do it to fill their desire of experience “trance”.

    These monks are egoless and have no attachment. Buddhist meditation is opposite of taking drugs.

  6. Ashitakaandsan says:

    absolutely agree.

  7. bubblypompom says:

    we real bhuddist will not be fooled by any special power. purpose of meditation is be emptiness, and peace. whatever you say is whatever you think and its implied the person you are. hope you will be fine.

  8. do things normal people cant huh does your power distort recording equipment? if not why dont you post a video….
    or quit being a lying douche that works too

  9. 777soulreaver says:

    hahahaha your wrong ive had such things to happen to me why do u think God created weed????

  10. what are they doing for the wellfare of all being while sitting in their huts for years?

  11. bubblypompom says:

    i did not say that, plz read it again….i said u r fooled by marijuana….anyway god not created weed for sure, god (in this case “Bhudda”) enlightend the Dhamma. Dhamma means natural. the key is “the way things are” …

  12. lol i can’t believe how much I skipped and nothing changed after the narrator stopped talking

  13. FackHillsongPublish says:

    His Holiness, the 16th Karmapa, is a fat guy lol!

  14. chrisdotwynn says:

    lol, what are you talkin about man!

  15. darkandchinesejonhui says:

    impressive, but ah man…
    ah Hahaha! 1:10 and on cracked me up.
    just hearin static and looking at their stoned expressions

    better editing would have done these masters more justice

  16. sundowner108 says:

    if the ‘face of enlightened mind’ looks stoned, then i want a hit!
    -= ~?~ =-

  17. joshuahaskellcarr says:

    What a way to waiste a life idolizing zoning out and lazyness.

  18. Quantum physics

    thank you

  19. Omindless1 says:

    Joshuahascellcarr, maybe if you spend more time not wasting your life making fun of people on Youtube, and idolizing your own perceived superiority to others, you may actually learn to spell simple English words, like “wasting” and “laziness.” I’m pretty impressed that you didn’t screw up “idolizing.” That’s usually a tough one for you slow folks.

  20. Omindless1 says:

    Joshuahaskellcarr, i see that not only are you full of “un-kindness,” which, by the way, is not a word, but you like to use capital letters, commas, and other tidbits of language randomly and erroneously ( I know. You may have to look that one up).

  21. Omindless1 says:

    I think, instead of delving into topics that may take you so far beyond your intellectual understanding that you may not recover, perhaps you should take your young ass back up into the hills of Hee Haw Land and spend your time tuning your banjo and dusting off your meth lab. Leave the internet to those who have most of our teeth.

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