1. Or would it be worthwhile doing a Masters in Finance instead. Or perhaps a Masters in Law.

    My ultimate goal is to open my own Accounting practice, but looking for another degree that will be complimentary.

  2. mr flibble says:

    Ok so my state NY requires a masters degree to teach… I want to start teaching before I go get my masters degree and I want to know which states allow me to do that… My field is mathematics if it satisfies some curiosity.

  3. distressed7 says:

    Best place to find the death worshippers with an antichrist is among “Christians”. They go through a death rite whenever the U.S. goes to war somewhere against some 3rd world “heathen” nation. Watch some sneering USNazi talk of “Gawd’s will” while touting a yellow ribbon on this chest. Look at the mind controlled zombies yell “Amen”! Then watch a total moron talk about other faiths and other disciplines he can’t even pronounce, let alone expound on. Then afterwards comes coffee, sugar and shit.

  4. AndrewDuncan1987 says:

    haha, 45 seconds in; what was the point of that?

  5. MissingVoices77 says:

    Thanks for uploading this, impressive!
    I have just seen the complete movie “Yogis of Tibet”, which is different than this one. Very interesting movie!

  6. koolaidolio says:

    “pressure washing” the chakras and the body with breath is why they jump up and slam down.

  7. Big deal. What is this western obsession with archaic eastern religious practice? There are methods of obtaining enlightenment without deference to this kind of nonsense.

  8. parentfree says:

    That’s one of the movements in Yantra Yoga

  9. MarcoManetta123 says:

    distressed7 you are correct

  10. chrisdotwynn says:

    what does that mean?

  11. chrisdotwynn says:

    You are not being very wise in your statement. You cannot point the finger at any race, religion, or practice, because it is different from your race, religion, or practice. We cannot judge, for it is not or place to judge. To summarize a whole group of people in a very negative manner, well, that is just a very unwise thing to do. Stay on the path towards enlightenment. Steer clear of negativity. God Bless.

  12. koolaidolio says:

    They clean out the Nadis and all energy meridians by forcing prana or chi through them. its not practical to do regular Hatha Yoga out in cold Tibet 🙂

  13. distressed7 says:

    Tell your preachers to follow your advice as well. I know an evangelical pastor that left the pastorate for a lesser paying job after the Iraq holocaust. Smart bombing…:) Yeh sure. He said to me, “I resonate with your feelings.” So, yes you’re right: yet the conscientious are far in the minority. Christianity was the foundation of Harvard, Princeton. Univ. of Chicago, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, and the list goes on. What in the hell happened?

  14. distressed7 says:

    Out of time….made of stillnes that is more active than any movement….out of time…limitless……thankyou

  15. chrisdotwynn says:

    I do not claim to have the answers to the worlds problems. I did not create any religion, and I do not have multiple pastors, nor do I claim to agree with the teachings of all pastors under Christianity, as I am sure you don’t agree with the teachings of all leaders under whatever religious background you choose to partake in. You are focusing on the negative. Stop focusing on the negative of things, and focus on the light. Focus on the positive. That is the path towards enlightenment.God Bless

  16. CassiusChrysanthe, true they are called Naljorpas but that word is just Tibetan for Yogis, lol.

  17. @JolPil, my friend it is clear you have not practiced much yoga of any kind. If you have you would not make such rash statements.

    Yes it is true the teachings are secret but they are also open to all who are worthy to be initiated. And, to be worthy is up to you. In most cases there are three things one must cultivate first for these lamas to take you seriously, now i will not tell you what they are but if you are serious you can find out on your own.

  18. CassiusChrysanthe says:

    I agree with you 100%! but the thing is, only few recognize what kind of black magic this all is about. the crowds only increase its power through their living force combined with acute ignorance and opened mind for suggestive manipulations. anyways, good point.

  19. distressed7 says:

    The Bible focuses on what you call the negative on just about every page. Sin, disobedience, failure, the warnings of “the hell that awaits us all, unless we repent and believe the gospel…” Again, clean your side. This is not a light deal my friend. We;ve been having war after war under the banner of “christ.” The latest crusade fiasco was largely supported by “the faithful”. We better focus on reality is all I am saying.

  20. chrisdotwynn says:

    Honestly, I believe alot of peoples translation of God and his teachings are a bit out of wack, for a lack of better words.I agree, people do tend to focus on the negative, and teach fear instead of love. For example, I beleive that God’s teachings are present not just in the Bible, but in the Quraan, as well as other religious books. I think the true path to enlightenment is a combination of it all. I have very different beliefs that are controversial to many though.

  21. steveharrismetalgod says:

    koita na deis re ton atimo ton rinpoutse…

  22. Well I can see that this yogi has NOT absörbed the secrets of physical immortality and eternal youth, which was the goal of all those ancient hatha-yoga texts, go read The Original hatha-yoga texts! The phrase Physical Immortality is mentioned there over 50 times! …kusali11: you are fruitcake!

  23. chowpappy says:

    So what makes these guys any different from christian/islamic/etc. ascetics who torture themselves for nothing, and contribute nothing?

  24. Wow Jolpil I’ve been called many things but never a fruit cake, I guess it’s the first time for everything. It also Sounds like you’re angry about something I would be curious to know what. But really it looks like you’re trying to sell Hatha Yoga to people, LOL … good luck to you. Hatha-Yoga definitely has it’s benefits.

  25. doedelhai2010 says:

    @chowpappy They´re not ascetics since they´re Buddhists, followers of the Middle Path. Asceticism was renounced by the Buddha after having it tired out.
    Thge rest of your claims are speculative. You assume they neither gain nor they contribute wich is wrong. Gaining is the liberation they find, the contribution they make is compassion. The core of not only Buddhist virtues but also the root of all spiritual teachings and realisations.

  26. chowpappy says:

    aah, lot’s of negative marks for an honest question 🙂 Oh well, a wiseman once said ‘if you’re going to tell the truth, keep one foot in the stirrup.”
    But on to ‘gain’ and ‘contribute’. An examination of history will reveal a somewhat different story. Usually what’s ‘gained’ is power over other people, and what is contributed is destructive dogma. Keeping your people starving and in the stone-age is hardly compassionate.

  27. universetechnique says:

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