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Have you ever wanted to practice yoga but never had the time?? Or are you seeking a different style of yoga to mix up your exercise routine? If you’re crunched for time but still want to stay in good shape, try Tibetan yoga.

Tibetan yoga is a set of five simple and effective exercises that can be completed in 10 minutes. The Five Tibetan Yoga Rites help increase fitness levels, flexibility, circulation, decrease weight, lower stress levels and instill peace and calmness.

Buddhist monks in the Himalayas founded Tibetan yoga over 2,500 years ago. A British army officer, Colonel Bradford, discovered these rights in the 1900s when he traveled to a Tibetan monastery and learned the exercises from the Lamas. Peter Kelder published a book, The Five Rites of Rejuvenation, recounting Bradford’s experience and the five rites in 1939.

The rites are said to be the fountain of youth. Tibetan Lamas created the yoga routine to help them live a longer youthful life. Some monks even claim that the five rites reverses the aging process, as most of the Lamas live up to 100 years but look as if they are 50 years old.

The exercises stimulate the energy systems in the endocrine glands, also known as chakras, and increase your alertness and energy levels. Recent studies show that hormone-loss and hormone imbalances affect aging. Tibetan monks believe that because the exercises tap into the chakras, hormone imbalances in the body become normalized and slowly reverse the aging process.

The difference between the general traditional Hatha yoga, most commonly practiced in the West, and Tibetan yoga is that Tibetan yoga focuses on continuous movement of the body while Hatha yoga focuses on static positions and poses. You don’t need to take a class in order to learn the five rites. You can simply order an instructional CD or online videos and in a few hours, and you will be able to practice Tibetan yoga daily.

Tibetan yoga works out all four systems in our body, including the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and nervous system. It improves overall health and fitness. The five rites are stretching exercises that helps relieve muscle tension and also tone your muscles.

You don’t need any equipment for these exercises, just enough space in your house, a mat or towel for non-carpeted floors and perform the five exercises daily at the same time with an empty stomach. Although it is required to do twenty-one repetitions of each of the five exercises, it is recommended to build your way up if you are not physically fit, especially if you have just started these exercises. Start with just three repetitions of each exercise and then gradually add more each week as you get more comfortable with the rites. You should not perform more than twenty-one repetitions because it will not be beneficial to your health.

After finding about benefits of tibetan yoga are you looking to tackle common health issue in your life like weight loss or overeating ?

Are you looking for ways on how to lose weight? Want to find the right methods that will not tear you apart like strenuous physical activities and heavy gym equipment? Or maybe something better than fad diets that will not starve you to death or poison you gradually? If you want something new that can change not only your body shape but your outlook in life, then Tibetan Yoga is for you.

Tibetan yoga and Weight-loss

Looking at the essentials is what makes Tibetan yoga different from the rest. The conventional physical activities when combined with fad diets rarely solve the weight loss issues at all. Either it doesn’t work or it works momentarily. There are a lot of factors driving weight gain using the conventional workouts:

Weight loss plateau

This is the usual tendency when the body gets use to the workouts and has stopped burning calories. It happens when the workouts become inconsistent or sometimes when the physical activities become a routine.

Inconsistent diet plans

It makes sense to look into diet plans when there’s a little to no result achieved. The amount of food that we eat is what makes us gain weight. For people with inconsistent diet plans, there is a bigger chance of gaining weight more than losing it.

Some health problems

This happens when the body is pushed to its limits. It is very common to find people who are experimenting on the types of physical activities that they will get involved in. In most cases, these activities are inappropriate for the body types. In effect, it starts various body ailments.
Positive results of Tibetan yoga

Tibetan yoga is not just a set of physical activities. It impacts not just the body but the mind and the spirit as well resulting to a well-rounded being. While there are very few scientific studies on its positive effects, there are thousands of positive claims:

More awareness– Tibetan yoga makes them aware of their entire body and its systems. It results to conscious eating and consistent practice.

More discipline– since Tibetan yoga requires strict compliance with its steps to achieve positive results, people practicing it develop their discipline which is necessary to watch the amount of food they eat.

Better health conditions– overall, people practicing Tibetan yoga claim that they are feeling better having more positive outlook in life. This outlook is necessary to take care of overall health.
Tibetan yoga may not be the ultimate solution for losing weight but it has a good track record of helping people benefit from clean and healthy lifestyle. You may not find any scientific experiments that will support its effectiveness but you can always rely on success stories. If done right, it can lead to better health which is more important than losing weight.

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