Many people practicing yoga techniques had reached to the point where they are seeking more advanced yoga exercises. Most yoga sessions focus on the meditation and breathing exercises. These basic yoga techniques give emphasis on providing relaxation and flexibility to the body in order to attain beneficial health effects. There are other yoga techniques which exceeds the norm of the commonly used yoga postures namely Ashtanga yoga, Bikram Yoga and Kundalini yoga. The asana poses involved in these yoga practices require proper concentration and dedication to achieve mastery of the involved yoga techniques.

Ashtanga Yoga – Muscle Building Yoga Technique

This yoga technique is much different from other forms of yoga exercises. The asana postures to be performed in this yoga exercise focuses on enhancing the strength and endurance of the practitioner’s body. The Ashtanga yoga technique is often restricted to those with proficient body status, due to the intensity involved in performing the difficult poses on this exercise. The yoga sessions for this yoga technique are often subjected to a fast pace of exercise procedures which would perfectly suit those people who are into building up their body’s strength and stamina.

The level of difficulty offered by the Ashtanga yoga asana postures gave it the name “athlete’s yoga”. The yoga techniques to be performed in this type of exercise require hard work, constant practice and great concentration. This is a good choice for people who are physically fit.

Bikram Yoga – Heating while Bending Yoga Technique

This 90-minute yoga session involves flexing your body while inside a sweltering room. The training room for this yoga technique is preheated to at most 105 degree Fahrenheit and 40 percent humidity. For those people who are interested on this extraordinary yoga experience, preparation is very crucial to survive this yoga technique. Students of Bikram yoga sessions should follow important reminders before starting the yoga exercises. Due to the heated environment, this yoga technique regulates breathing and releases the body’s fluids at faster rate compared to other yoga techniques. The extreme temperature applied with the constricting movements benefits the body’s blood flow. This yoga technique is advisable to those who can endure heat while performing the asana postures.

Kundalini Yoga – Releasing Inner Body’s Potential Yoga Technique

The postures involved in this yoga technique excite the endocrine and nervous system of the body. This is a very interesting type of yoga exercise since it gives serenity and ecstasy to the body if mastered. Kundalini yoga techniques compose of unique poses, meditation and chanting. The chanting is considered as the most crucial part of this yoga exercise. The chanting provides the practitioner to experience inner peace and at the same time enhancing the body’s senses. Most Kundalini yoga sessions require the assistance of a professional guru. This yoga technique is an excellent choice for those who want to experience the soothing effect of concentrated meditation.

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