Third Series Ashtanga with Santina

25 Responses to Third Series Ashtanga with Santina

  1. rolandsc says:

    Wow! Awesome practice and so inspiring. Would love to see the whole unedited video. Is it available anywhere?

  2. KitLaughlin says:

    Beautiful, Santina. And Ben’s in the top four…

    For me (back to Yoga) the folding into padmaasana from the handstand is the most controlled and beautiful.

    Beautiful work. KL

  3. lennoxmatt says:

    Santina, all I can say is beautifully inspiring, you are one with your practice San it is a credit to all of your hard work. x Kel

  4. pulga63 says:

    Wonderfull, absolutely wonderfull

  5. biancacastilho22 says:

    Very beautiful…u r awesome…

  6. ekapadabakasana says:

    so inspiring..

  7. karlosmendoza says:

    thank you , I don’t know why but this brought tears to my eyes

  8. dark68saronno says:

    It’s very beautiful practice and delicate.

    Sweet day.

  9. reynoldl says:

    “Mark Togni in kikyurasana” now thats a strange name for the pose, you might like to try Koundinyasana

  10. marcosfunky says:

    Really great !

  11. dkkauwe says:


  12. Melliflluous says:

    so so graceful,steady,inspiring,awakening.

  13. matiasmolassi1 says:

    I loved it. I wish I could be like them when i reach their age.

  14. schooly2 says:

    Gorgeous. Thank you both for sharing this practice,for just a moment I felt it in my own body.

  15. goldcoastyogacentre says:

    It was a joke 🙂

  16. 18jela89 says:

    interesting… this woman has very strong arms =)…

  17. Amy says:

    It’s very beautiful practice and delicate.

    Sweet day.

  18. gpduartecosta says:


  19. kalikumber says:

    beautiful, nice ajustments to

  20. manupeto says:

    Thanks for this insight to the 3rd serie -almost gone nowadyas- but also thanks for your lovely words to Pattabi Jois. Following you now. Hope to yoke !

  21. missogi says:

    OMG. you’re such an inspiration!

  22. fantasticfoodandfast says:

    merci! beautiful work, inspiring. om santi

  23. bigkoukou says:

    menta pige sto mastora gia vidoma?

  24. lubelenge says:

    Awesome practice, love it!

  25. BitZiBitZiDi says:

    amazing practice, very inspiring, made me practice harder today. thank you

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