The Truth about Splenda/Sucralose!

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  1. mike282272262252 says:

    They tested Splenda on animals so as a person that thinks animal testing should be saved for only important things such as a cure for cancer I cannot consume it. If you want to know how bad it is none of the animals used lived through the test except for the ones which they gave lower dosages to so they could survive and be dissected afterward. If animal testing is needed to see if a product is safe then we probably should not consume it.

  2. 1dsunhope says:

    yo i just bought a box of splenda! what does the FDA stand for ‘fucc da americans”. when i put that stuff in my coffee it fizzes and disappears? what is that? yeah man even though stevia cost $15-20 it last awhile and it has been approved in Japan. maybe my acceleration will get stuck on that, toyota.

  3. primeraprim says:

    what about “”Jaggery”” pure sugar cain juice 100% !! is that bad for you ?? or is it o.k ??

  4. cookiesmac says:

    smart man

  5. SunflowerSeahorsie says:

    @primeraprim Well the juice is probably made with sugar, and not sucralose, but check the ingredients if you’re not sure. Oh and if he responds to your question he might be more helpful than me.

  6. SunflowerSeahorsie says:

    There are so many products that use sucralose now adays, and how am I supposed to convince my friends and relatives to switch to a more expensive product, like stevia. How…I wish there were more people who researched these things, and maybe some toxic foods would get banned.

  7. primeraprim says:

    @SunflowerSeahorsie thank you for reply !! please tell me ,is splenda no good because i have heard on a lot of dr atkins forums that is o.k !! Canderel which is made mainly from aspartame.which has a bad bad reputation !! what can i take in my coffee ?? thanks !!

  8. vooooom says:

    Pure sugar cane is terrible for you. It really doesn’t matter the format (100% organic orange juice, honey, agave, raisins, sugar cane, etc). That much fructose and to a lesser but still significant extent glucose is damaging to the body.

    If you really want to know why sugar is so terrible, watch “Sugar: The bitter truth”. A lecture on youtube my Robert Lustig.

  9. daisynkali18 says:

    Very informative. I appreciate what you are doing.

  10. mrpink3338 says:

    Stevia is not that expensive. you have to realize that 4 oz of pure stevia extract is the equivalent of close to 20lbs of sugar and is only $8.

  11. adutchdude says:

    i just drank 3 liters of new multivitamin juice and yeah i just saw they put sucralose in it
    healty right ? :S

  12. babystinky says:

    Just because something is “natural” does not mean its good for you. There are many “natural” things found in nature that will kill you if you consumed them or make you very sick. Just because something is “unnatural” does not mean its going to kill you. Splenda so far has been used by millions upon millions of people Long Term in large areas of the globe in conjuction with different diets.

    Stevia is used in Japan, but not consumed there in large amounts.

  13. proterrazerg says:

    All I can say here is what I went through the two times I drank soda with splenda in it. The first time I drank it I admit it tasted good but for the next 36 hours I was sick as hell. I started blowing up like a balloon with gas, I was in utter misery for 24 hours it blew me up so much that if you poked your finger in me it felt like you were poking the wall I was so hard. Then the next 12 hours I would pass gas that my son said smelled like rotting corpses…not fun at all

  14. proterrazerg says:

    The next time I drank a soda with splenda was several months later, I thought the first time was a goof…nope same thing. Blew up like a balloon and got so huge from the gas that I ended up with stretch marks, it felt like my sides were going to rip out. Then the next 12 hours were spent passing the rotting corpses gas. I will never touch that shit again the rest of my life. And don’t even talk to me about equal…that stuff is shit also.

  15. dutchkollman says:

    @babystinky nobody says consume natural poisons, they say consume natural sweeteners.

  16. alastair78 says:

    Its the guy from the movie Swingers…. “This place is dead anyway!”

  17. alastair78 says:

    So much misinformation.

    DDT is not unsafe, it is being used again. Read about the story behind it being banned.

    Video is promoting propaganda websites so is invalid.

  18. Fight4Privacy says:

    Where can I order Stevia in the UK?

  19. MiseriaCanticle says:

    The chlorine in Splenda and salt are one and the same atom. The only reason why it’s called ‘chloride’ in the case of sodium chloride is because of chemistry nomenclature. The argument that the chlorine atom in salt and in Splenda are somehow different without going into the position of the chlorine atoms and whether or not they can become dangerous ions after ingestion is foolish.
    Not to say that Splenda isn’t bad for you,just be careful with your arguments lest come across as ignorant

  20. piercinglight says:

    @builditkeepit How is it banned? I can still by Stevia and Trader Joe’s and at my local Natural food store. I hope it isn’t banned, I hate the FDA.

  21. Pocketrocklife says:

    I’ve always noticed bees and flies NEVER float around my cup when it has Splenda in it. Just sayin’.

  22. Tamar1973 says:

    If Splenda is a mix of fructose and galactose, that’s interesting. Our bodies do process fructose, but it processes fructose in the liver, just like it does alcohol. If you eat too much fructose (like High Fructose Corn Syrup) you can end up with a “beer belly”.

  23. sk9utube says:

    it tastes like shit.

  24. NuttAA92 says:

    @alastair78 So you’re saying that sucralose is alright to be consumed because DDT is safe? DDT is an INSECTICIDE and whether or not and insecticide is approved as a pesticide, it does not make it alright to consume.

  25. alastair78 says:

    I’m saying, prove that its bad for you.

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