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  1. fattiemanny says:

    Are laws a reflection of society, or is society a reflection of laws?

  2. Some of the best advice you will ever find on youtube…Ayurveda has helped millions heal and become one with themselves and others.

  3. Aussiepsychic says:

    Once again, very enlightening words from Deepak Chopra. I love listening to his wisdom!!
    Thank you for sharing this video
    Many Blessings 🙂

  4. The is a Great video and I have had the experience of communicating with my soul and spirit. It bring peace of mind an a uplifts your heart! Thank you Peace Love and Happiness. Thank you for the share Christina x

  5. Badwolf182 says:

    wow thats powerful – judge nothing in one day and u will hear just silence. Brilliant. U dont rrealise how much we all make judgements ervy single moment… as good or bad. i am going to try it. Silence here i come

  6. Wow, that’s a good vid 🙂
    (oops, i judged :P)

  7. I attended this seminar and loved it! His energy was even more amazing at the seminar he gave some time ago in India. I highly recommend anyone to study with him.

  8. these laws have helped me a lot, they have changed my life and i am greatfull

  9. alexsangrejaguar says:

    Can any one tellme when willbe his next seminar and where than you

  10. angelusa73 says:

    Very true and very beautiful.
    The words are simple and, in their simplicity, they are deep and full of meaning…

  11. TheUnseenUniversity says:

    The heading to your video should read ‘Potentiality’ not pentiality….


  12. amardeepkumar784 says:

    Thanks for your insight!

  13. jeff88bell says:

    “The heading to your video should read ‘Potentiality’ not pentiality….


    well that is how chopra pronounces it lol

  14. aswinictc1 says:

    It compels you to think and enter into that area, where you have never gone it, you have never entered. Super video, Super master.

  15. doctorHOUSE says:

    i think he quite clearly pronounces it ‘potentiality’