The Radiant Body Yoga Set

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  1. fitnessmaniac5 says:

    wow super – thanks for posting – going to try it out this evening. Sat Nam

  2. arnesonj25 says:

    your turbin is WOW!

  3. KhalsaFouj says:

    Wow Nice

  4. templeofned says:

    That was quite amazing. Especially that archer pose, whew!

  5. Satkewal says:

    Thank You! Wahe Guru!

  6. Satkewal says:

    Thank You! Wahe Guru!

  7. TerryOlinger says:

    Thank you!

  8. lionsingh93 says:

    That was a great i love there kirtan and that is what made me go threw the workout!!
    can anyone tell me what they chanted right at the end please??

  9. ClearMindDontKnow says:

    What is the chant they use at the beginning to “tune in”?



  10. ClearMindDontKnow says:

    Oh my goodness, that was the hardest set of yoga I’ve ever attempted. Intense! That archer pose is ridiculous – I couldn’t hold it for more than a single minute at a time. I need a lot more work, haha.

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
    Waheguru ji ki Fateh

    Satnam _/_

  11. gmustuk says:

    Glad to know that some of you actually did the yoga! I wasn’t sure if people would actually do it.

  12. bs2290 says:


  13. SikhiKid says:

    Oh yeah, I figured it would be worth at least on try. But now I think I’m going to do it a lot more often, hopefully, if for no other reason than to help stay in shape.

    Satnam _/_

  14. SikhiKid says:

    May the long time sun
    shine upon you.
    All love surround you.
    And the pure light within you
    guide your way on.

  15. SikhiKid says:

    Hahaha, yeah he’s wearing a perfectly tied Nihang-style Dhumalla. There’s a video tutorial on gmstuk’s profile page. You should check it out!

  16. SikhiKid says:

    Here’s the chant used during the archer pose set –

    “Gobinday Mukanday Udaray Aparay, Hareeang Kareeang Nirnaamay Akaamay”

    I found chanting very loudly helps refocus the energy in the arms and thighs so you don’t get so tired so easily. And of course, it helps to know the actual words.

  17. SikhiKid says:

    Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo (3 times)

    Aad Gurey Nameh
    Jugaad Gurey Nameh
    Sat Gurey Nameh
    Sri Gurey Nameh (3 times, roll the r)

  18. SikhiKid says:

    Here’s the chant used during the “hooded cobra mudra” meditation towards the end. It’s the second-to-last pauri of Jaap Sahib (Aik Achri Chhund).

    Ajai, alai, abhai abai/ abhoo, ajoo, anas, akas/ agunj, abhunj, alkh, abhkh/ akal, dayal, alaikh, abhaikh/ anam, akam, adhah, agah/ anathai, prmathai, ajoni, amoni/ na ragai, na rungai, na roopai, na raikhai/ akarmun, abharmun, agunjai, alaikhai

    Listen to the jatha as they sing and chant so you can pick up on the proper pronunciations.


  19. SikhiKid says:

    Here’s the shabad the jatha is singing right at the beginning of the video. It’s from Jaap Sahib 199.

    “Chatr Chakr Varti
    Chatr Chakr Bhugatey.
    Suyambhav Subhang sarab Da sarab Jugatey.
    Dukaalankang Parnnaasi Daiaalang saroopey.
    Sada Ang Sangey Abhangang Bibhootey. “

  20. jatsher says:

    How dare you call yourself Hari Singh Nalwa , you are not even one percent as brave as him. I CAN BET MY LIFE THE AMERICAN SIKHS YOU DARE TO
    THEIR ACTIONS . I myself i am proud of these young
    Americans . They set a fine example to my PUNJABI brothers you are more interested in drinking . CARRY ON MY AMERICAN SIKH BROTHERS,

  21. jatsher says:

    HARISINGH NALWA YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE SIKH RACE. DONOT INSULT A GREAT SIKH LIKE HARI SINGH NALWA. you are just a the biggest GIRL on the internet. In fact you are a HINDU in actual fact and you want to make discredit all SIKHS with you TALIBAN VIEWS.

  22. radiant1ful says:

    THANK YOU!! My friend has a naturally strong radiant body. He’ll appear to me days in advance and tell me what is going to happen. BLOWS MY MIND!! When he walks into a room of strangers, EVERYBODY wants to speak with him. Grown women fight over the chance to sit next to him. They all fall in love with him. Your articulate, educated explaination for the radiant body has answered my question. I am going to donate some dough to a SIKH organization.

  23. luismigas says:

    what is the name of that music
    thanks for the video it is very beutiful!!!

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