1. My feet sweat alot and that makes it hard for me to wear some sandals. How do would you deal with this problem?

  2. rashest_hippo says:

    My roommates feet smell quite bad, and are actually keeping friends from entering our room when he has his shoes off. He also has a tendancy to read on his bed with his feet exposed (his bed is nose level). I just feel mean and awkward asking him to get out and wash his feet, or cover them with airtight medical grade plastic.

  3. that was beautiful….it looks so intimate sort of like making love

  4. Queerboi1 says:

    wow..that was absolutely amazing…i’m deff. doing some continuing ed. with Thia Massage…LOVE IT!!..and the music fit so well, it almost looked like she was going along with the music.

  5. zizzclaire says:

    what title of the music?! your techniques are great? thanks

  6. GoldenThaiYoga says:

    thanks zizz (and everybody else! ) the music is always at the end of the video & in the text on the right of the video. i love this song too. i put the music in during editing, but i do use it regularly for massages 🙂

  7. aishasgoat says:

    This work is really excellent.
    Now, … I wish I could remember every single step.

  8. GoldenThaiYoga says:

    Practice practice practice!! 🙂

  9. aishasgoat says:

    Will do…. must do!

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