Tantra and Kundalini

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  1. Xbox360king says:

    If possible give the download site for 76 types of kriyas.Please….!

  2. XrevengaX says:

    isnt the crown chakra above your head?, if it wasnt tantra sutra wouldnt be posable

  3. fietsvriend says:

    No the crown chakra is ON your head it is in the middle and little backwards on top of the skull and makes a straight line to your root chakra which is in the middle of your perineum

  4. pwnagenuss says:

    not liking the satan part at 3:18

  5. APT420 says:

    At .44 seconds… This video was uploaded nearly a year ago. Maybe we need to start looking at this “wormhole” in Norway. A little closer and not disregard it as HAARP.

  6. fietsvriend says:

    @pwnagenuss it depends on the benevolent/malevolent intention one has with the use of a symbol.The allseeing eye above the pyramid ,for instance, means “My kundalini has reached the highest possible level and I can co-create with the cosmic pattern of planets and I have gone beyond the pharaos with the cobra snake on the forehead (=their kundalini has risen to the “third eye””center right above the eyes)

  7. chi854 says:

    the two snakes are false. that is reptilian influence which is trying to confuse humans about their energy, there is no serpant or reptile present in any true human beings body. meaning a human soul in a human body has no serpant in their life energy or body.

  8. mysticmeg111 says:

    I do not know from whence you obtained the lovely phraseology about the all seeing eye.
    I have had that eye appear to me in the 3rd dimension and it is ugly. It is a membranous cod/alligator type eye on top of a pyramid and of a low energy frequency and it is not that powerful. The substance is rather like moonbeams. I was very young and raising the kundalini and I was annoyed at its appearance and told it to bugger off which it eventually did. It was not joyous.

  9. bigboyburnsy says:

    whats with the one-eye symbolism in this video?

  10. fietsvriend says:

    “My kundalini has reached the highest possible level and I? can co-create with the cosmic pattern of planets and I have gone beyond the pharaos with the cobra snake on the forehead (=their kundalini has risen to the “third eye””center right above the eyes) “

  11. fietsvriend says:

    I have it from a lecture of Itzhak Bentov. It’s the sign of the highest human potential possible. It originates from Egypt.That people mistake it with masonic/illuminati symbolism is because freemasons can co-create more than others and they use it as a symbol

  12. fietsvriend says:

    I”ve been told that the snakes are symbolic for the Kundalini energy. It is a transformative energy, after the awakening one feels as reborn or transformed, like the snake transforms or regererates itself through the peeling-process.Two snakes: one for the masculine and one for the feminine energy

  13. delmerHRIV says:

    Focusing on a lotus above my head… I found my consciousness, and then felt as if I was being pulled through a small opening where my ego went silent. I think that was a good first try.

  14. fietsvriend says:

    @mysticmeg111 The phrase is taken from a lecture by Itzhak Bentov titled “From atom to cosmos”

  15. DARKnDODGY says:

    the elite today are running blind, they are in power due to being the same bloodline as the last awakened chosen few, this happend in the change of the zodiac when we mved into pisces, they have no hidden power just bloodline, the knowledge was lost long ago…2012 is the new cross over and new elites will be awakened to the ultimate power they dont yet know they posses…

  16. YourRisingPhoenix says:

    a rose that grows in darkness grows much taller and faster for it trys to reach out to what little light it recieves, i evolved even though i was surrounded by darkness, there was no light,
    and yet i became the light, for to love is to surely evolve

  17. SsjTurles says:

    @chi854 that’s not what is being said! The reason it was named “serpent power” is because this part of our consciousness was removed from our immediate reach through the sealing of it’s nervous receptors in the bottom of the spine, the nerves found there are shaped like a coiled, “sleeping serpent” ! The power itself has no serpentine nature in at all, it simply sleeps within a “serpent coil” bundle of nerves at the bottom of the spine.

    However, the reptilians can already access this power. :/

  18. SsjTurles says:

    @mysticmeg111 Oh, come on… We’re trying to transcend the ego here, not brag about our levels of awareness. We all see other beings around but you’re saying you saw the Dajaal? He actually appeared to you, personally?

  19. rarelibra says:

    that means that he is pulling everyones chain for self-benefit of bragging. The true self is humble.

  20. Sezmonz says:

    Why my kundalini is sleeping?How can i wake it up?

  21. carriellbee says:

    I have experienced the awakening of kundalini, before I had ever heard of anything like that. To me, it felt like a rope that was uncoiling from the base of my spine to the top of my neck. So, the image of a serpent is given to help explain to people the uncoiling.

  22. agalloch666 says:

    Hey, I had a strange experience whilst meditating but if it was kundalini i must say that i could not feel any kind of spinal movement. I followed my conscious presence into my mind until i was thinking nothing, then the corridors of my mind became brighter, about 30 minutes later a sudden flash of white light hit my eyes and knocked me out of meditation, it was as if i looked into the sun. I stopped meditation after that for a month, i was scared i guess, it was blinding.

  23. brainchild24 says:

    i have a vision

  24. xnoumenon says:

    NFah43Bk, I agree with you that the west has misunderstood the purpose. However, I disagree with you that our goal is to release ourselves from attachment. To understand why, do a Google search for the Axiom Wolf blog.

  25. xxweareallenergyxx says:

    Peace and Love

  26. kmichael212 says:

    Sexual urge only lasts a week and a half. Once you get past that perverted sexual urge the energy travels upwards from the root chakra, resulting in happiness and kundalini. Ignorant people will masterbate like monkeys their whole entire lives but at the same time denying it. It doest take a rocket scientist to figure this out. This is the only reason why they call it a root chakra because the seed which people spill out everyday will travel upwards once you get over the urge.

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