1. This is such a blessing to have available online!

  2. You said it, 108Radha! The Grace of His cyber darshan and watching/hearing these satsangs (and hearing Him laugh!!!) is the best of the best! A maha-blessing indeed! I’m beyond grateful that this is online!

  3. yogicmike says:

    Thank you so much for uploading this!

  4. piucaprim says:

    Thank You Gurudev!!! Om

  5. how wonderful 🙂 thank you

  6. JohnSQ125 says:

    Thank you for this succulently expressed wisdom!

  7. chessman19 says:

    when a Guru speaks the truth we can feel the truth of the spoken words

  8. awesome teaching… i feel totally blessed to be able to listen to this spiritual master along with others. Thank You

  9. H0D0NKAIN says:

    True so true.
    It’s amazing how simple it is yet we all forget the truth now and again.
    Thanks 🙂

  10. wiscsuzski says:

    Throw some Laughter Yoga into it! hee hee – bonus! (I wasn’t expecting that)

  11. Swamiji was on 1969 Woodstock Rock concert, teaching Kundalini yoga to the Hippies, He was the Guru of the Great Phsychedelic Artist Peter Max, He was a cool Guru Thanks for posting his Video I loved it.

  12. How can i write a letter to him?does anybody know please help! 🙁

  13. indianrailways says:

    swami ji passed away in 2002

  14. Joemac138 says:

    How true you are Swami. Truth is always so freeing.

  15. Papiculaganja says:

    we need models and places liked this
    we need ashrams
    we need to realized purposed
    i m dealing every day with darkness
    and evening im ensuring mi self that wold is as well engaged with love and purity
    this is virtual ashram
    thank u for your time end energie insert here
    fortunetly people are opening eyes than mind and finely heards for this all round what calld ,we,,

  16. cupwithhandles says:

    This is an amazing truth about expectations. All expectations tend to result in some negative response…

  17. rest in peace swami ji

    you were my favorite swami

  18. ConnorShawMusic says:

    very insightful

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