Surya Namaskara Cla?ssico

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  1. Carol260791 says:

    Don’t stop reading this just because u just now realized this is a forward 🙂
    1.put your hand in your mouth
    2. Make a wish
    3.Close your hand (fist)
    4. Hold your hand at heart for 5 seconds
    5. Send this to 3 more videos
    6. Tommorrow will be the best day ever
    it actually worked
    Money- you will find a wad of $200 in cash
    Love- Your crush or lover will kiss you or ask you out

  2. sandolfen says:


  3. autumngrief says:

    A very good performance of the Surya Namaskara.

  4. shoutatthesky says:

    What is the name of the sequence? Is this a personal variation from the original or just different from the pattabhi jois version that I have seen at other times?

  5. intehaf7 says:

    This is surya namaskar and done very properly

  6. ionstrikesback says:

    Done with extreme perfection! Her body is too flexible.Her breathing, stomach and ankles were exactly the way it should? be in all 12 positions. The audio is rather irritating :x.

  7. to222 says:

    what an s

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