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  1. This is called in english ”sit-ups”. Mostly all south indians do this. i don’t know about north indian practice.

  2. mind over matter…If you think it works…WHAT eva works!!

  3. priyakanth024 says:

    hindus have been doin this lik for some thousands of years as part of a religious ritual and (lol) as punishment for kids at school…and these westerners are publicizing it now as if it is their innovation…anyways its good and ppl if u anytime visit India just go to a school and do some naughty work u will get this exercise for free instead of spewing dollars for corporate docs (ha ha ha)

  4. lol..yah b/c i was being punished…i had no idea it was yoga hahaha


    A true Master never says anything wrong about anobody and anything…a true Master is connected with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE…he sees God in ALL..good and bad …cause bad is a blessing in disguise that teaches us a valuable lesson!

  6. ComprehensiveAnalyst says:

    the innovation is in finding out the effect on the brain..not some frivolous punishment in some damn school!!

  7. sundg1984 says:

    lol I was punished this way most of the time coz i used to throw paper planes on girls in the class.. I guess this doc should also research on chair position.. My stupid teacher used to make me kneel in a semi stand position like a chair..

  8. Mama2LoLa says:

    This is NOT coming from the “westerners” as their innovation. This is based on Pranic Healing and the teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Look him up and you will see it all based on the ancient teachings. The “westerners” are merely modern instruments of this ancient information. Please get your information straight before you comment. Instead of rejoicing in the fact that this is being embraced by “westerners” and the modern world, you chose the negative path. Not a wise choice….

  9. strawberryfie1ds says:

    supukrish, thank you for sharing – interesting info, and also thx for the added info about the “knocking”.

  10. strawberryfie1ds says:

    I agree with you currypepper77, but I sure wish you didn’t feel like you have to say “you Americans” coz we’re sure not all like that.

  11. JunkMan16 says:

    I have been doing these for years. Obama does them too, but he does them backwards.

  12. gaurav1221 says:

    who said he does?? for all i know you could be lieing

  13. Muktika40 says:

    this is an ancient yogic practice known as thoppu karanam…

  14. But theres a serious problem with the video… While sitting down you have to exhale and getting up you have to inhale. In Yoga whenever the stomach is pressed, you have to exhale…

  15. XxXbhuvaneshXxX says:

    LOL….. ROFL….. LMAO…… guess we tamils have been doing this stuff for more than 2000 years back. our ancestors told the future generations to do this in order to relieve their bad karma. that way they could ensure we’d fear god and do this thing.. never knew it had a scientific reason.

  16. iceddante says:

    You spelled “lying” wrong, genius.

  17. klayrino247 says:

    I find it funny how long it takes ancient practices to get out to the world. I remember back when america discovered that this one spice can be used as an antiseptic and made a big deal of it when India had known this through age old practices for centuries. Haha, its weird.

  18. JunkMan16 says:

    Yea, I am “lying” So what now. You gona arest me? Send over the yoga police? Tell Obama on me?

  19. general ignorance, but that is how money is made…

  20. makes sense, thanks for pointing out

  21. yscreth55 says:

    how do fat ppl do it? lol

  22. Hey
    This is a way of praying to the Lord Ganesha the Hindu God!!!
    For generations we tamil people pray in front of the idol of Lord ganesha in this way!!!
    Wow good to see our culture has adapted this method 1000’s of years ago into they praying system!!!

  23. sparkyyoung says:

    Money grab…….if you were to do a trial i bet any exercise routine would do the same thing

  24. smilegonewild says:

    its called a placebo.