Stressed! Here’s Yoga To Relax …

Yoga tips to lead stress free life

Flexible Body with Yoga Poses

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Stressed! Here's Yoga To Relax ...
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27 Responses to Stressed! Here’s Yoga To Relax …

  1. TommyKay says:

    ok here’s the thing, i have an issue with pillows. i have tried numerous types, sizes, comfort levels, combinations, amount, type of stuffing, etc. i cannot seem to find the perfect pillowor combination of pillows. and seriously im losing sleep over it!!!

    i like somthing cushy yet supporting. i sleep mostly on my back…..hmmm…well to be honest i toss and turn so much i dont know how i sleep anymore! i would appreciate honest opinions only. need somone’s advice who has been through the same situation and has successfully found a solution to their nightmare!!!

  2. Lucas H says:

    I am 36 weeks on thursday and i can not calm myself down! I don’t know what is wrong with me, I was not this stressed with my first pregnancy I know every pregnancy is completely different but I need someone to be realistic and give me facts about how i could be damaging my baby and what effects it is having on me, I have tried researching it on Google but had no luck i did not know if anyone had any advice from past experiences or any advice on how i can calm myself down a little (please don’t say get a nice warm bath)

  3. Gack121 says:

    jajajajaja el gato…xD

  4. kateam1975 says:

    my cat do that to yoga for cat mean i will go curl up on mom

  5. hendrong says:

    She must have strong abs.

  6. aiglcandel says:

    thx,,u r great

  7. Airabella7 says:

    lol i wish i could do that XD

  8. Pitchi08 says:

    Kitty 😀 I love this video. ^.^

  9. ruzickaw says:

    speak less, speak more calmely

  10. THrox92 says:

    i learned to do that 🙂

  11. chrisybwell says:


  12. idocarepart2 says:

    Sure that is good for the spine?

  13. idocarepart2 says:

    This work out is great for the abs, upper back, but don’t let your legs roller down too fast, you will put too much turn on your neck , and you could do some serious damage.

  14. ntaaid says:

    I love this workout and i love all dutch people

  15. Hayfay0421 says:

    HI POOKIE!!!!

  16. Ocelotte says:

    Thanks for this video, Esther; it really does relieve a lot of stress. 🙂

  17. thetexasguy says:

    I want to see you speak a different language as well as she does. Think Mcfly, think.

  18. SorryNewbie says:

    I LOVE the Kitty!

  19. DevilShroom says:

    Spooky? That’s a great name for a cat! So sweet.

    Great destressing yoga and BEAUTIFUL scenary.

  20. jcschick121 says:

    This honestly does not look very safe for your neck/spine. But this is a wonderful vid!

  21. drumrgrl0101 says:

    This works so well I have a very long day or so it seems and this works to help me relax! Thanks so much!!!

  22. vouivre85 says:

    OOooo I can do a shoulder stand. I surprised myself. lol

  23. xxSianxBxx says:

    omfg i can do it!

  24. fellydog says:

    can you be watching tv and will it still work e mail me…

  25. siyangco says:

    .Hi Spooky 🙂
    Thanks again Esther!

  26. gr88shuvo says:

    keep the spirit up…..superb.verry special……..

  27. superterrifichappy says:


    what a woman! god so relaxing just watching her

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