So Fine Fashions Unveils New Trendy New Yoga Workout Wear, Accessories and Original Paintings by Jaquin McCausland.

Laurel, MD (PRWEB) February 26, 2008 – So Fine Fashions and Accessories a new fashion Web site owned and operated by Colombian native Myrna Sandnes” introduces high-quality, affordable fitness and yoga clothing for women of all shapes and sizes.

You’re happier about working out when you’re putting on brightly colored clothes that make you feel good and look great. You get more motivated to exercise and develop that mind-body connection of feeling healthy and being happy with how you look.

So Fine Fashions and Accessories launched in late 2007 with the mission to make fashion and gift-giving fun and a value added experience for all customers. Sandnes recently returned from a trip Colombia where she was meeting with her design team and manufacture to finalize the new Yoga product line. Which is planned to be launched late in the early second quarter of 2008. So Fine Fashions will introduce a new collection line Yoga fashions that will be constructed of organic materials fibers and innovative recycled materials.

The idea for Yoga fitness clothing that suits women of all sizes after experiencing first hand that workout clothes available for everyday women were poorly constructed, unflattering and made from low-quality fabrics. The cloths took out all the fun of enjoyment of relaxing and exercising.

When you’re working out, you want to look good and feel great and even feel relaxed and be comfortable and noticed. I decided to create long-lasting products that would make women feel great when they wore them. Says Sandnes. Here, you can challenge your body and nourish your spirit — feeling a sense of relief as you come home to your true self. Get inspired Yoga has been very popular in the South America market that is why I chose Colombia to design and manufacture my products and they have had strong comment to quality using high color fashion designs with an erotic fashion flare.

Sandnes’ fitness fashions can be used for aerobics, cycling, yoga, dance classes and more. The clothing is made in Colombia from the stretchy materials used in Brazilian bathing suits: Lycra, cotton and even bamboo are used to create the products.

When I’m designing the fitness clothing, I’m choosing bright, abundance of vibrant colors, materials and energy says Sandnes. You’re happier about working out when you’re putting on brightly colored clothes that make you feel good and look great. You get more motivated to exercise and develop that mind-body connection of feeling healthy and being happy with how you look.

So Fine’s coordinating sets are extremely affordable, ranging from $34 to $60. They can be purchased online, over the phone or through a catalog.

Sofine Fashions announced that it also carries select paintings on its web site from McCausland Gallery by Jaquin McCausland creates with a feeling of passion for modern, abstract and contemporary original paintings for the South America and North America markets for over 25 years. Sandnes stated that we to select only the finest paintings from the Gallery of original art collection for customer home office and can be seen.

Myrna Sandnes commented that she has always been intrigued with abstract art and how it adds a tone of happiness, harmony and joy with brightness of light and refreshes the home and office promulgating for good luck and fortune.

Joaquin Mc’Causland, artist feels that he is influenced by his passion of excellence for his work and the perspective for the style of fusion with colors of yellow, red and blue for asymmetrical abstract, modern, contemporary art. McCausland’s art has been exhibited in many South America and North America countries in cities like New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

So Fine also offers handcrafted jewelry, handbags, and accessories made in Brazil, Colombia and Honduras. We preview such designers as Nancy Dunitz jewelry collections and Diana Bahmon handcrafted design collections from for South America. These one-of-a-kind jewelry products are embroidered, crocheted, beaded and made from a variety of materials, including tiger’s eye, onyx, quartz, coral, silver, leather, crystal Czech beads and other exotic materials. Rounding out the So Fine line are stylish belts, scarves, and hats.

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