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  1. rolandSullivan says:

    one more true story,,, i was one of the first 100 in the Vishnu yoga certificate training. i came to realize that Swami knew my every thought. i can remember having lust full thoughts in class regarding a classmate that had the most sexual body.. the second i would have the impure thought, vishnu would look me directly in the eye and shake his head side to side. i have so many stories from my presence with him those yoga gone wild days…

  2. paulprescott72 says:

    Hi Roland,
    your story made me laugh! I am sure you must have had great times with Swami Vishnu. I did not have the luck to meet him, but I am very happy that I have been able to have shared his wisdom through his disciples…especially Swami Govindananda.

  3. rolandSullivan says:

    PaulP. i know Govindananda well. he is a true noble soul. he invited me to come and be with him at his ashram in india. i will visit him one day.
    i will be doing more teaching on u tube or the web… sivananda would have wanted such.

  4. jcadlerp2006 says:

    It´s a great video, learn us how to live in peace, harmony and love.
    My name is Juan Carlos and I follow the teaching of Shree Gajanan Maharaj, son of Sivananda. I practice Agnihotra since 2001. keep in touch and thank you again, this video fix my day!!!!

    …With the bless of Sivanda say good bye!!!
    Juan Carlos.

  5. Perfect video! I have a yahoo group and members are curious about asram life and this video gives a very good idea of what it is!!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. EmoVideos says:

    Hi Paulp,
    WOW!!! Thank you some much for this video! I was very excited to find this video on YouTube. I will be going to this same Ashram for the TTC in October and your video was very helpful and very nicely done. Can you please share your overall experience at the Ashram? Thanks again!

  7. redmark2007 says:

    Thank you for posting this video…om nama sivaya om!
    Jai Guru Dev!!!

  8. karinebeng says:

    thanks a lot for this post !!

  9. thefatgoose says:

    thank you..touched my heart..trying so much to follow the five points if swami sivananda..also i love so much swami vishnu devanada..fills my heart with beauty and truth..thank you again for sharing.

  10. Zappfrank says:

    Something about Sri Karthikeyan?

  11. bumpyjjeans says:

    The great Swami Sivananda and his superior disciple Vishnu-Devananda would not want their names associated with the bizarre and corrupt cult the organization bearing their names and likenesses has become. Within ten years of Swami Vishnu’s death, the governing board and senior staff were supplanted by power-hungry frauds. The ranks are full of those wishing a free ride, hiding from tax authorities, seeking a US visa, or seeing an easy climb one easy rung to the next to where they can embezzle.

  12. it seem you all have an amazing experience there. Thanks for such a great video.

  13. Thanks for posting this video! I just signed up to take the TTC course nov-dec 08 🙂

  14. mayombe2001 says:

    this looks like fun although I cant help but thinking how these indian yogis are making millions off naive westerners. It’s like mass production of sivanada yogis. hey but to each their own!

  15. indianrailways says:

    When I passed the Sivananda Ashram around 8 p.m., I saw poor people sleeping outside. If his holiness Sivananda Ji was materially alive today, those poor people would have got shelter and food. Now the same institution has been occupied by dollar hungry satans. Noone is going to get emancipation by circus hatha yogic practices. Ignorant people are being duped of their money and time. Only way to liberation is Bhakti yoga. Hatha yoga is good only for beautification of the gross body. OM

  16. Vedicstar says:

    Nice judgment of others you have.

  17. bluesman122 says:

    I went to a Positive Thinking workshop at a Sivananda center, and it changed my life. I used to be a such a negative, pessimistic person, but I now am full of cheerfulness and optimism. I go back every year, whenever I can.

  18. To be honest, it doesn’t seem like you know much about the Sivananda Organization, especially that it is a non-for-profit organization. Their classes and workshops are perhaps the most affordable available these days and are taught by staff of volunteers. It’s a great organization, but even the for profit orgs like Bikram provide a service for people. I would rather people spend their money on something that leads to a greater sense of well-being than some transient materialistic indulgence.

  19. CoolRaul28 says:

    this would be my dream come true.

  20. Jai666666666 says:

    Here is something to ponder…, if you ever realize your true self in meditation, you are as innocent as a new born child…, amoung wolves. They say ask what we would do if Christ came back, and everyone has the nails and hammer hidden behind their backs…, lets not be fooled people, samadhi is a terrible thing to happen in one’s life time…, stick to the siddhis, it will get you nowhere. Just a playful thought, Hari Om Tat Sat

  21. dont get impressed buy these strange things. they just want to make money with this old yoga stuff, because they are not creative enough to find something better.

  22. mevaishnavi says:

    i love sivananda- they hold such a special lace in my heart
    ommmm – i did the ttc in austria many years ago

  23. danielbeasley says:

    Actually, this Ashram is a not-for-profit organisation. Please don’t talk disrespectfully about matters of which you have no knowledge

  24. adityakrishna008 says:

    Sivananda yoga teacher’s course is Best …good memories of those days…Aum