shoulder stretch

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  1. John G says:

    Just dislocated my shoulder few days ago, and it’s still very tender. It popped back in on the same day it happened, i’ve iced it the first day, then heat after. Any other recommendations? Is the shoulder more susceptible to popping out in future, i worry about this. I’ve had a rotator cuff injury before on the same shoulder. Thanks!

  2. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    I want to stretch my ears, and I’ve done a lot of searching online but I haven’t found a lot of answers. Some people say to use tapers, others say to use weights. What should I use to initially stretch my ears? Should I leave in acrylic, glass, or stainless steel jewelry after I do it?

  3. kylepounds says:

    Wow that’s hippy! Did those dudes get that buff just from yoga?!

  4. FreeYogaVideos says:

    I bit of Gym work in our time . Too buff is out it hamper the body . You need to be real careful with the weights . If I were to do it over again . I would do a year or 2 yoga before even thinking about weights.

  5. kylepounds says:

    yeah weight lifting has made me so tight I can’t do some yoga poses anymore, and I can’t run so fast either.

  6. 13CharlieeLouu13 says:

    This really hurt my knees and lower legs. The folded blanket didn’t help and I want to be able to do this while concentrating properly, any advice?

  7. FreeYogaVideos says:

    Try more blankets or a block of some sort . Get higher and higher until you are fully comfortable. Then week by week slowly lower the height and you will get there .


  8. MsDoggieLover says:

    thank you so much for your yoga videos!

  9. aishlee47 says:

    Thanks for doing these…it has helped me relax so much 4 times a week!!! x

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