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The word Pranayam is derived from a combination of the following Sanskrit words: ‘prana’ meaning – ‘life force’, ‘yama’ meaning ‘discipline’ and ‘ayama’ meaning ‘expansion’. It is a technique that helps you master the correct way of breathing.

Pranayam breathing or yogic breathing is a key to good health. It is following certain breathing exercises in a set pattern. Pranayam is undertaken for good physical and mental health.

We all know the importance of inhaling oxygen and exhaling out oxygen. Oxygen is what travels through our body and provides energy to the various parts of our body. The toxins from our body are exhaled out along with carbon dioxide. When we practice pranic breathing we create a balance between the oxygen that goes in and the carbon dioxide that comes out. This balance further helps us to attain a balance between our mind, body and soul. Pranic breathing helps us to achieve this balance.

Breathing as a process comes so naturally to us that we do not pay attention to how we breathe. When we breathe it is only a fraction, probably one third of the actual capacity of our lungs that we use. This means two things; first, that we are not breathing in the actual amount of oxygen that is required by our body and second, we are not flushing out the toxins completely from our body.

Pranayam Overview

Why Should we Practice Pranayam Breathing?

  • Better Lung Capacity – It helps us use our lungs to their full capacity. This in turn means that the body takes in enough oxygen that is required by the body and also at the same time flushes out the toxins from our body.
  • Better Protection Against Diseases – It keeps the body away from diseases as toxins are flushed out of the body, lessening the chances to become a victim of a disease.
  • Better Digestive System – It increases the metabolic rate of our bodies which further helps our digestive system.
  • Better Metal Health – It keeps the mind away from stress, temper and improves concentration. Insufficient supply of oxygen to the mind affects our ability to think and concentrate. Practicing pranic breathing helps us to exercise a better control over our minds.
  • Spiritualism – Last but not the least it takes us on a path of spiritualism.

It keeps the mind and the body relaxed.

Pranayam breathing should not be practiced without proper guidance. One can be initiated to pranayam only by a guru. It is a yogic practice that helps one to achieve a healthy, relaxed body and mind to prepare you to be initiated on the path of spiritualism. All who choose to are welcome to join in an endeavor to learn the healthy way of breathing.

Pre-steps of Pranayama

Three steps before doing Pranayam

1. Empty stomach

Stomach should be empty. Early in the mornin, doing Pranayam is very good for health. Early in the morning, oxygen level is high so doing Pranayam leads to more intake of oxygen. If you are doing Pranayam in the evening then a person should have a gap of 4-5 hours between the meals. If the stomach is not empty so instead of giving advantage, pranayam can cause bad impact on our body like indigestion, acidity.

So stomach should be empty or a gap of 4-5 hours between the meals should be present.

2. Isolation from zero potential

According to science, earth is having zero potential. While doing pranayam one needs to sit isolated from the ground. Isolation from ground provides sufficient energy to our body.Without proper isolation, energy is not circulated properly within the human body.

So it’s better, if one sits on the mat, cloth or even on the bed. The sole aim is just to provide isolation of body from the ground.

3. Positive thinking

Before starting pranayam one needs to think positive. A person doing Pranayam should think positive. A positive feeling itself can cure many diseases. The ultimate aim is to keep the mind in peace and to think positive. Positive thinking develops positive energy in the body and this positive energy itself cures several diseases.

So think positive and do Pranayam with positive energy.

Shilpa Shetty – Pranayam Breathing Video

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  1. Death Knight says:

    When does someone need a breathing tube in their nose?

    When does someone need a breathing tube going through their mouth?

    When does someone need a tracheal breathing tube?

  2. ShaktipatSage says:

    Pranayam means Inhaling Light Energy, Prana is a type of Energy which you can feel entering your body and filling your Magnetic Field with additional Energy pulled directly from the element of Air.

    Dont’ knock it if you don’t know what it’s about

  3. KilluminatiMujahad says:

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  11. nishindra828 says:

    Hi there recently i experience breathing problems and also swallowing problems am somebody who believes in natural treatments!Is there anything you would advise to do regarding those 2 matters,Thank you!God bless!

  12. kuthikanjari says:

    obviously you could all do with some of this in your lives

  13. deercross9249 says:

    I am suffering from leg & knee pain,stiffness..sometimes…i see penny size red circles on my knee.
    can these exercises help me???
    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  14. first go to a proper expert in yoga becoz they will understand ur body type and recommend the yoga suited for you. then attempt definitely yoga really helps it really helped for me to get rid of spondylitis and to get a body shape so my recommendation is go for it with a proper guide

  15. yoga is really good for improving flexibility of the body and thus getg rid of the muscle problems it really helped me to get rid of spondylitis .
    everybodys body type is different and ayoga practioner will tell u yogasansa that suits your body type.
    one thing is for sure u will get rid of the problem if you do yoga so ucan try anyone of these and its best that u consult a yoga expert

  16. hi
    yes yoga does help to get rid of the problem i had spondylitis two years back and got rid of it with yoga . yoga helps to improve ur bodys flexibility my advice is go to a yoga expert who will tell u exactly what kind of yoga suits ur body type

    everybody’s body type is different so its wise to select what is best for you
    yes u can do those simple ones that she is doing to improve the body posture
    yoga tremendously changed me i will recommend to everyone

  17. deercross9249 says:

    Thanks for your suggestions.I truly appreciate it.

    Just finished my workout…feels gr8

    about yoga instructor…i can’t any nearby…but, my doctor suggested to do any sort of excersice without starining much.
    I hope this will help me.
    God bless you

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