1. Taylor2k says:

    I have been doing ice skating for two years and I am in basic level 5. I have everything down in level 5 and 6 except my one foot spin. I tend to go up on my toe pick. I really want to improve this so I can finally pass level 5. Please help!

  2. mindbodylightsound10 says:

    You’re totally the next Denise Austen. And I mean that as a good thing!

  3. sadienardini says:

    heheheh. I’m LOL…in a very good way. You’re so kind;)


  4. Torsten710 says:

    5 points for this awesome
    thx sadie

  5. gerber11 says:

    Once again, thanks so much for showing your fans correct form. I really learn a lot from your video postings [I’m sure many others do as well].
    Sadie, you rock!

  6. isisunvled says:

    fabulous- and you trimmed your bangs!

  7. ihabsinno says:

    looks fun, though its too advanced for me. I have a goal to reach now 😉 so thank u Sadie for this sexy exercise!

  8. sadienardini says:

    Thanks, everyone! I appreciate all your happy comments. I have no idea how you could tell my bangs were trimmed from there, but GOOD EYE! You’re either a woman or a photographer, right? 🙂 Anyway, all of these are built off a similar balancing point, knee to arm, so try to find it, and then rock and roll it!!!

  9. lindtn says:

    Sadie, that’s for me right?! Thank you soooo much!!!!! *jumps up and down in joy*

  10. sadienardini says:

    Heck yeah! I did it for you. Now everyone can learn to rock it!!! xoSadie

  11. marvinjordana says:

    Thank you very much for this tutorial Sadie, you rock, you make it look so easy when you breakdown this particular asana. Namaste !

  12. sadienardini says:

    thank YOU! Just keep at it and it will strengthen you and open up over time. The journey is half the fun! Of course, the other half is rocking it:)

  13. maansb says:

    Absolutely wonderful. A new dimension to my practice. Thank you Sadie.

  14. wawazup says:

    are you double jointed?

  15. sadienardini says:

    You’re welcome! Glad it helps;) S

  16. sadienardini says:

    not at ALL. Just practice….

  17. Reezie78 says:

    Great instructions! I want to be able to do this!

  18. rebel1013 says:

    omg. you are crazy strong

  19. MikhailBortsov says:

    That? — roks…

  20. MikhailBortsov says:

    that? — roks…

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