1. Jcolinsol says:

    How do you know what a “2” is?

  2. WeaselCrow says:

    @ Cosmic! Just something to tink about…

    Only a short time ago, in history, everyone logically KNEW the earth was flat… You are both wrong, and totally NUTS… to beleive that the earth could be any other shape than flat. Because the EARTH was flat…!! Lolol 🙂
    Hmmm then it must be true that:
    2+2= a flat world lolol!

  3. WeaselCrow says:

    Cosmic, I was just joking around… Thanks for the info… Sounds like an interesting book on sceintific study.

  4. rrroarrr89 says:

    But were not Leibnitz and Newton’s discoveries hampered somehow by their Faith (as it happened to Pascal)?

    Newton decided that time and space were senses given to humankind by God. Then, we know now that time and space are not absolute. I am sure that Newton, with his brains full of Mercury, dared to think beyond that… but we will never know. Newton was also a Rosae Crucis apparently, and an Alchemist. (Hence the high traits of mercury found in his hair)
    Would you call Feynmann a stoner too?

  5. 2rocker4life says:

    Did you just imply that mercury poisoning helps people’s mental faculties?

    Leibniz was also a Christian, and he thought that space was relative.

    It was common for theology to influence people’s theories then. It’s extremely biased to only accredit theology for the wrong theories, and none of the right ones.

  6. rrroarrr89 says:

    “typical stonder epiphany ramble” is not biased then. This is why I replied to you in the same “vein”. There is a lot of wrongs in Theology as rights, as in any other human invention. Do not forget that Theology is written by humans. My main reservation is with the term “revelation”

  7. rrroarrr89 says:

    The Mercury reference is because the term “mad as a hatter” comes from Mercury poisoning. Newton was a Theologian and an Alchemist. He may have been a Christian, but his behaviour wasnt most of the time!

  8. 2rocker4life says:

    I was only stating that the claim that hermeticists “saw theology as their enemy,” was wrong.

    I simply stated that they were theologians, Then you started with the claim that it inhibited them. You’re not mirroring me.

  9. 2rocker4life says:

    He was different from most people in general. Geniuses are geniuses because they think different than other people.

    It wasn’t that uncommon for someone interested in the workings of nature to be an alchemist, at that time .

    The churches never inhibited it; only the secular authorities.

  10. lightandinformation says:

    i can list to RAW all day long. always opens up new quantum channels to access more of that delicious light and information that i crave.

    & Richard Bandler & Richard Bartlett!!!


  11. Paracelsus23 says:

    Nice Video, thanks.

  12. TheBlitz1 says:

    i like the whitecap in the background

  13. Whyisthat101 says:

    I learned to change my reality tunnel when i became adept at philosophy.

  14. astralempire says:

    i’ve spent the whole summer just walking through Moscow and listening to Wilson. Simply beautiful. Amore et Hilaritas.

  15. grifas111 says:

    buddha told me this last friday in the pub while elvis was hoola-hooping in the smoking area…93, hail eris, 100% slack!

  16. thevoice32 says:

    Wow!!! Great video.

  17. Bremerxxxx says:

    According to Wilson, we can alter Bio-survival, Emotional-Territorial, and Time-Binding systems of perception but have not discovered a way to expand upon the permutations and combinations of tunnel-realities imprinted on the third circuit mind.

  18. graphattic says:

    This guy talks in deep wisdom. I have glimpsed him before, but now I am all willing to look into him for real! I bet he busted his ass selfcorrecting himself before he reached this level!

  19. graphattic says:

    I can not thank fucking enough for this Post. Just about the time I thought I run out of Inspiring thinkers, I get this!!!! 5*****, shit I wish I could rate it even more.

  20. What I said to the guy who showed this to me: “I feel like Neo after eating the red pill. I’ve been sitting at my computer looking for Morpheus and then a white rabbit showed up and led me to Neverland/the real world.”

  21. obmitable says:

    What a brilliant mind. My favourite philosopher of all time. Thanks for this post. I hope he’s smoking a joint with Eris and having a good laugh at the rest of us domesticated primates.

  22. BrainGuy45 says:

    Thanks so much for posting this video!

  23. It is the perfect video

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