Ricky Williams – Yoga Master

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  1. TheVedicStudent says:

    For those who are attached to this bodily machine, the yoga system is recommended. One who is overly attached to the bodily conception is taught to concentrate the mind by some physical gymnastics. Thus in ha?ha-yoga one undergoes various physical disciplines, but the real purpose is to understand Vi??u, the Supreme. The various yoga systems are given for the machine of the body, but the process of bhakti is transcendental to mechanical arrangements.

  2. timf08 says:

    when i was 15 i thought he was the biggest loser for smoking weed. i hated his attitude, the dreads, the visor, the cockiness. but now that im in my 20s…i understand more to why people do drugs, especially personal experience. ricky is a realy shy person which i never knew he was and that he suffered from depression and social anxiety disorder. i didnt know any of this and now i respect his reasons for why he did those things. i like this ricky, he is the man.

  3. chris371 says:

    every NFL player marries a white woman, obviously cos black women are fucking disgisting

  4. Natedagreat14000 says:

    I like ricky williams but i didnt think he sounded so much like a bitch

  5. jkkj says:

    ricky williams is my favorite athlete EVVVVEERRRR

  6. Tom37G says:

    Kevin Faulk

  7. derekbogs says:

    Ricky seems like a good dude. I understand where he’s coming from. Watching him play ball for Texas inspired me to run harder and play harder in my days of playing football. I still follow his career now and root him on. Best of luck to him. GO FINS haha

  8. jetstar186 says:

    As a Miami fan, I am SOOOO glad he is back with us and doing really well! Don’t worry Ricky, you’ll end your career with a Superbowl!

  9. Jcerna88 says:

    Terrell Davis was right you guys!! look at ricky against Carolina 3 Touch downs 119 yards WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! ricky still has it in him!!!!!!!!!! and will have it in him for 3 more years now what we need is a BIG RECIVER and a Dynamic Defensive draft.. and we can Compete every yr…

  10. SirPurpalHaze says:

    Why is everyone so uptight about marijuana in the united states

  11. SickYeti says:

    Systems of control. But why would we want people not to use weed? … hmm

  12. tomlambsays says:

    because most people here are brainwashed and put it in the same category as meth and shit like that, America is a stupid country

  13. actonUPchannel says:

    I’m so high, nothing can hurt me!

  14. BOBDOLE12345678910 says:

    i know i dont see what the big deal is

  15. JHsoxfan11 says:

    i really feel bad for ricky, he seems like such a good dude…im so happy hes leading my fins to victory!

  16. acedownload says:

    I agree I smoke weed for my stress..then again i just like smoking people make a big deal about weed its stupid

  17. IndianAmerican37 says:

    Ricky smokes weed because he is a Hindu. In Hinduism, your are to practice yoga and use marijuana from time to time to master the art of Yoga.

    This guy is harmless and has no intentions of doing something bad. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA

  18. GringoESantoDomingo says:

    FUCK all these bastards Rickey We love you , you are the best running back eva ,, FUCK the haters you are the best.

  19. IndianAmerican37 says:

    im not ricky….

  20. GringoESantoDomingo says:

    o sorry

  21. IndianAmerican37 says:


  22. GringoESantoDomingo says:

    BTW weed makes me trip out like a crazy person, it does to me what heavy dose of acid does to most people, Funny thing is i love acid.

  23. IndianAmerican37 says:

    rotlf wow, well man that could be cause you smoke weed, if you try drinking it in a form called “bhang” that they do in India, it would be a possibility you wont trip out

  24. izuru67 says:

    how long was he suspended?

  25. ANewStateofTrance says:

    RIcky Williams quite football to smoke pot and take time for himself. If anything he has his head on straighter than ever. This dude still got it.

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