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  1. Joysquigglesparkles says:

    How can I relax with that photo!! Nooo!!! The Icecaps are melting!! We are all going to die!! AAAAAARRRGHHH!!!! *faints*

  2. zzinglish53 says:

    Did you notice the glacier was a little smaller at the end? But actually you’ve created a world where for 6:39 a glacier didn’t shrink – somewhere.

  3. Joysquigglesparkles says:

    This piece uses the golden section (phi)

  4. 19SidKinG91 says:

    this is ARGENTINA!!!

  5. THE SONG IS BY KEVIN KENDLE- CIRROCUMULUS. The album is called clouds


    dale dale argentiii

  7. PianoFurElise431 says:

    No No No! I’m still not in here!

  8. florvioleta1 says:

    @Joysquigglesparkles although true but…couldnt stop laughing on the way u wrotte it (^^,) its as if i could even see a person expression looool

  9. Joysquigglesparkles says:

    LOL!!! I’m a total clown. I was joking. I love this song. The music is beautiful. The people who gave me thumbs down have brought attention to themselves as humorless souls.

  10. bastaman123 says:

    When i see those pictures it makes me wanna go on a world travel :D….

  11. Misty1245 says:

    When i listen to this type of music my heart feels heavy and wants to jump out of my chest. such a good feeling

  12. (advise)
    When i was not Muslim, I was not happy at all, but when i became muslim i found out that Islam is the religion of truth and happiness, I advise you to experience islam it is good 🙂

  13. it makes me think of my past

  14. czarina007 says:

    I love this photo, and the music is so relaxing! It helps me relax while doing my college reading.

  15. ? ?? ?
    Fantastic music, great visual.

    Checkout my Buddhist meditation video.

    ? ? ?

  16. AlphACORP8 says:

    Relax PIANO + NATURE

  17. oropesinoa says:

    ….Desde la No. 1 hasta la 5… son lo MISMO…es banita la melodia pero…
    no tienen NADA de extraordinario….los videos de fondo debieran ir a la par con los temas!!!!!. NO la foto estatica..

  18. i’ve been looking all over for this song………..first heard it in Malaysia when my friend bought a CD with this song, thanks a lot……………(“,)

  19. salaam brother… you’ve made the right decesion to revert to Islam. Hope you’re alright..


  20. Tus aportes son buenísimos!
    The music of your videos is amazing!